Month: October 2021

Science-backed Covid Treatments

A good resource for checking real-time studies on a variety of treatments for the new corona/covid-virus is They gather studies on favored pharmaceuticals, and also much cheaper treatments like (forbidden) pharmaceuticals, vitamins, minerals, plants, plant-extracts, etc.  The image above is a summary of all the best single treatment options, ordered according to efficacy at …

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The Missing Rehab/Retreat

There are a lot of costly and stifling rehabilitation- and recuperation options out there, but I see something missing, especially for the financially compromised. There’s a massive gap between financial (possibility to) demand and (wisdom to) supply quality rural luxury budget alternatives. There are plenty on high-staffed, administrative, cramped and clinical institutions and facilities for …

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The Inside View

If you want a real inside view of what’s been going on in international politics over the past century and the past decades I suggest you get familiar with these gentlemen. Yuri Bezmenov – a KGB defector – lays out how communists work to subvert nations. He perfectly describes what we’ve been going through the …

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