The Missing Rehab/Retreat

There are a lot of costly and stifling rehabilitation- and recuperation options out there, but I see something missing, especially for the financially compromised. There’s a massive gap between financial (possibility to) demand and (wisdom to) supply quality rural luxury budget alternatives.

There are plenty on high-staffed, administrative, cramped and clinical institutions and facilities for everyone from the mentally unwell, addicted, abused, homeless, etc. Then there’s the alternative of lingering at home, living under someone else’s roof, living on the streets, etc. Of course, in one can afford a hotel, that might be a nice option to get away from one’s usual surroundings if one can afford it. What is there for the rest of us besides subjecting to the programs of the institutions or staying in what we need a break from?

I suggest homesteads or semi-self-sufficient households, especially with some nature areas, rent out rooms or small cabins/tiny houses for this purpose. This missing rehab-retreat option is a cozy and private room/cabin/tiny-house close to a small-scale farm, with perhaps some home-grown plant- and animal food, perhaps a sauna and swimming area, perhaps a communal camp-fire place, perhaps a gym, perhaps a yard kitchen with pizza-oven, maybe even some possibilities to work with wood, metal, ceramics and record audio, video, etc. 

If one has built such a life for oneself, why not a tiny-house, or a few, for people to enjoy this good life possibility, without the big money and all the stingy and strict programs and demands that big institutions require? Of course, the “rest home” could be combined with all kinds of activities, lectures, courses, programs, therapies, etc. but could also function as a simple and relaxing get-away from all that people-stuff.

I also think the option to voluntarily sign away one’s liberty for a limited time, like during pregnancy, would be a wise. For this, more closed facilities would be better.

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