Wise Moderation

Elitists have a problem with long-established, well-defined free speech. They prefer Stalin’s exceptions to the UN-UDHR. Just look at how clear and simple true freedom of speech is; from the founding fathers of the United States to John Stuart Mill.

It is absurd to not be able to explore all kinds of subjects that were open in the age of centrally controlled media (pre 2000) in this internet information age. Let my free-thinking people go!

I would like all narratives, facts, stories to be able to be investigated and discussed publicly. People ought to have subjective AI aid to filter out what they deem unnecessary. There could be a general two tier mode that filters out slurs, porn and perhaps clear rudeness. These must be completely objectively evaluated and enforced.

In an discussion this would mean that comments that can’t adhere to these simple rules of discourse would become invisible to many commentators. This subjective/personal AI filter should send illegal communications straight to law-enforcement. These are already fairly well defined in the spirit of liberty. They only need to be accepted and respected.

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