Some Background

The necessity of this work has something to do with extreme cheapening of the word LOVE during the past generations.

Selassie Referring To This Work

– “Oh, I’m willing and able. So I throw my cards on your table”. Playing cards contain 3, A, Q, and 7. 
– “We’ve got a mind of our own. So go to hell if what you thinking is not right”. This work is mind manifest. It’s the result of thinking about everyone’s equal rights for decades, in accordance with “Treat others like you want to be treated”.
– “Every man’s got a right to decide his own destiny, and in this judgement there is no partiality”. Basic full liberty.
– “Pull your rights from wrong”. This message is exactly a result of that.
– “We don’t go left or right. We go forward into Rastafari”
– “You think you’re in heaven, but you’re living in hell”. This teaching is the fruit of thinking about heaven for decades, but I’ve noticed I’m much more surrounded by hell than I expected.
– “Buffalo soldier, in the HEART of America”. I realized Bob and Rasta are the heart of America. There is strong sense of independence, community, religion, loads of hemp, natural food & environment, dismissal of government. There are a lot of sell-out posers who try to represent that thing, but it just ain’t the real thing.
– “If you fight and win, you gonna fight again. When Rasta win there no more war”.
– “Make way for the positive day, ’cause it’s news (new day) – news and days. New time (new time). Said it’s a new feeling (new feeling), yeah. Said it’s a new sign (new sign). Oh, what a new day”. New sign, indeed. 

– “Until the philosophy that holds one race superior and another inferior is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned.
Until there are no longer first class and second class citizens of any nation
Until the basic human rights are guaranteed to all…”.
Equal rights for all (among these are life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, and justice for all).

Connected Signs In My Life

– Haile Selassie I’s name before his coronation was (Lij) Ras Tafari Makonnen. I have two brothers. Ja Li Ras Ta can be found in the beginning of our names, and our surname ends with -nen.

– I have the numbers 777 in the middle of my birth date, and the social security addition is 143 (I love you).

– I ate an golden anchor*-button that I tried to smuggle it out of kindergarten. I must have been 3 or 4. We had to check my poo for a day to find it. *”hope”

– A lot of kids play this game of counting how much two people love each other by counting how many of the letters LOVES are found in two names, and then counting them down to two or one digits (%). My parents numbers are 13220, which, it turns out, never go down to two or one digits. One gets an endless loop between four and three digits. I’m not sure how common this is, but I’ve never seen it before or after. 

– Grandma used to say “People should talk more about love”. Well, grandma, grandson could help a bit with that.
– In first grade we got an assignment to draw God. It was understood that one was supposed to draw and old man on a cloud, I guess. I drew a being with three heads. So, basically a  triune God. Got an angry talking to, but I’m quite happy with that work.

– Disillusioned with Christians and fairly developed understanding of natural science, I became an atheist at around 10. The next four Christmases I had extremely vivid fever dreams.
1. In one I was like a buddha in a lit and warm greenhouse. There was a night storm raging outside. I felt an urge to go out into the storm, swim out into the dark stormy ocean, and dive down to retrieve an anchor. Something approached. I woke up.
2. In one my dad was rocking on his back on the floor. The rocking made him go deeper and deeper into the floor. I came to, and there was just a pool of coke on the floor.
3. I believe it was the same fever dreaming, my dad was stuck in a drawer in a position of having his legs behind his head.
4. In one I was and egg that was forced to walk on its head. I ran into my older brothers room and tried to stand on my head on his pillow.
5. In one I was fencing in a completely white space, like the “construct” in the Matrix. I was forced up stairs while fencing. I got to the top of the white stairs and fell, as there was nothing there.
I believe these dreams described my life at the time, and up til the born-again experience at 21.

– One of my nick-names as a teen was “Pänätäs”, which could be interpreted as pan and satan backwards. So, global/universal anti-satan. 

– In my early teens I used to write my name as my four letter nick-name with TM twice underlined. I used to say it stood for “the master”, but friends pointed out it was “trade mark” and “transcendental meditation”. I see this as a premonition of this work.

– The course book in army officer’s school said “Is going to found a combat engineer company in the Caribbean” under my name. 

– Extremely strong utopian visions first time smoking herb. Ones based upon “what if this was norm, and not only drunkenness”. Later I learned the historical and factual agricultural, industrial, medical, spiritual and religious significance. 

Works Leading Up To This Work

– I bought the domain name in the summer of 1999. It’s based on a quote from Bob Marley. I was going to make a web site about rights based on mainly negative liberty.
– In the early 2000’s I wrote a summary esse called “Silver Bullet”. It featured subjects like drugs, sex work, gay rights, euthanasia.
– In the early 2000’s I also wrote an esse called “On Abortion”, which I sent to at least dozens of US newspapers; mostly university papers. It contained the call for reducing right to abortion to the fairly early stage of baby heartbeat. It put much weight on the economic, social, legal, etc. possibility to keep and have the child, as well as, on culture and realistic prevention.

In the early 2000s I had plans on taking some tattoos, but I never did. One was a lion coming out of the mouth of a dead snake, representing “through darkness to light”. One was a cross/ankh on my heart. One was a cross-shaped jouney-symbol on my back. The base was to be a snake or vagina. Couldn’t decide. The cross arms were eyes, representing “seeing the light”. Above it was fire with a dove above it. All of these, in one way or another, I see as deep insights into my life and work.


After getting negative liberty (equal self-ownership) in 1999, and researching hard to understand how we can fulfill abundance for all in the early 2000s, I realized these needs/longings correspond to our brain hemispheres.

“Politics is a trick” as Bob Marley said, and it’s designed to keep us from having basic rights. I’ve been trying to upload an image of a painting of a dream of Bob Marley I had in the early 2000s. He was around the age he would’ve been then, and the hands are in a heart + God head pose. The colors match the insight above. 


This is a logo a friend made for an organization I founded in 2013. It was named “Friends Of Liberty”.

Much more to come....