“Laws cause crime and violence” – Bob Marley

The Logical Conclusion Of The Golden Rule is Universal Liberty. 
if you truly “Love others as yourself” you can’t justify some ruling over others. Liberty is the only true foundation for equality as everything else is some form of ruling over others, i.e. forced collectivism. Everything except full universal Liberty represents different kinds and levels of tyranny. It’s the perfect social agreement among adults. It’s truly an ideology that allows every human being to be an end in themselves.

Free individuals can be most beneficial to society, but no individual with a conscience is fully free when fellow human beings live in fear, lack, and ignorance. While the good life is much more than hedonistic “whatever goes” (mere pursuit of pleasure is the surest way to fail in the pursuit of happiness), good politics allows others to be wrong and make mistakes. It is good to keep in mind there is no virtue without vice and unhinged vice punishes itself.

So, let’s focus on breaches of other people’s rights. This legal foundation of super simplicity strips away all unnecessary overburdening government. It says that every citizen is like a sovereign state in a republic, autonomous and funded, and that democracy should only cover common issues, not the personal laid down below. Children ought to be brought up with this liberty and the responsibility it requires in mind.

Full liberty could be guaranteed even in areas with more modest and puritanical culture and customs. In that case the culturally and socially offensive activities only need to be discouraged and/or prohibited in public. Full liberty could still be respected and protected in the private sphere. This makes these political principles truly universal.

Negative Liberty – life minus others’ coercion

“Negative liberty is freedom from interference by other people. Negative liberty is primarily concerned with freedom from external restraint and contrasts with positive liberty (the possession of the power and resources to fulfill one’s own potential).”

The side with the human body and personal space, with “- Liberty -” around it, represents Negative Liberty. It simply says “My life, my body, my choice. Your life, your body, your choice. Live as you want as long as you don’t infringe on other’s rights to the same. Live and let live.”

This right ought to be limited only by the rights of others – other people, animals and to some extent nature. If we stop fighting victimless ”crime” we might be able to deal with the actual crime.

Key concepts: Non-aggression Principle (NAP), Voluntarism, Self-ownership, Personal Sovereignty*

Positive Liberty – life plus necessary resources

“Positive liberty is the possession of the capacity to act upon one’s free will, as opposed to negative liberty, which is freedom from external restraint on one’s actions. A concept of positive liberty may also include freedom from internal constraints.”

The side with our planet Earth, with “+ Liberty +” around it, represents Positive Liberty. It simply says “Everyone has the right to resources for a free life – both financial and informational.

Think of it like this – what would laws and government look like if Jesus’ lifestyle was fully respected for everyone? I would at least dare to claim he, as a citizen, assumed the right to travel and roam unrestricted within the nation, criticizing “authorities” and speaking uncomfortable truths to the public. What he used this space of freedom and agency for – paradise and not mammon logic, free universal education, free sick care (to some extent with hemp and other plants?), providing food and drink.

John Locke argued that the state must provide something better than the state of nature. There is hardly any lasting option to choose a state of nature anymore. So, beyond security and individual negative liberty the duty of the state is to guarantee access to funds and resources for a free life within this economical and political system.  

Key concepts: Self-sufficiency, Independence, Economic democracy, Education, Universal Basic Income, Guaranteed Health Care, Consumer Rights, Freedom of Information

This is how I figure the logical conclusions of the aforementioned principles pan out in different areas and subjects. One can fully embrace the principles without agreeing with every conclusion I’ve come to.

Negative Liberty in more detail

Freedom of speech – Offensive-/hate-/wrong speech is not as big of a threat as the urge to overbearingly controlling it. It’s part of free speech which is the social agreement we have instead of physical violence. It’s the acceptable valve for emotion and thought. It has been the main mechanism for true civil rights progress. It’s the arena where we work things out for truth, comfort, entertainment, facts; ultimately for the wisest outcome. Be very wary of anyone who would do away with this jewel. ‘Hate speech’ exceptions were put into the UNDHR because of Stalin. It’s one of the main tools of the push for global socialism. 

Jesus was ultimately crucified for offensive speech according to the religious/scientific/political authorities of the time. As such, freedom of speech is a central Christian value. Free speech was enshrined in the US bill of rights’ 1st amendment over two centuries ago to bind government to it and thereby guarantee it for the people. Now we have entered a time when that is not sufficient to guarantee this value for future generations. 

We should hold fast to the principled, democratic and universal American view on free speech, which recognizes universal individual rights as as a counter weight, with criminal exceptions for credible threats, call to violence, defamation, etc. If some social media platforms want to push forward with the concept of “hate speech” we should make sure it’s applied universally, and not according to the strategy laid out by Herbert Marcuse in “Repressive Tolerance”. Think about how the cultural zeitgeist relates to Islam/Muhammed compared to Christianity/Jesus, or how communism compared to claims of fascism, women compared to men, “people of color” compared to white people and so on.

Moreover, if we’re going after hate speech for possibly leading to real-world violence I’d like to point to the common tactic of labeling people racist, sexist, islamophobes, etc. Doing it frivolously could be considered defamatory. It is a real and extremely negative claim with an objective definition about a person that can also arguably have real-world violent consequences, especially as it comes with the incitement to “bash the fash”.

May I remind you that the people in charge of these modern book burnings ((digital) cancelings, de-platformings and de-personings) have an ideological lens so thick, distorted and smudged that they can actually think religious Jews are Nazis.

I suggest people labeling everyone Nazis and fascists take into consideration that the second world war was not merely an authoritarian, forced collectivist, leftist infight of communists vs fascists. Many whom are being labeled Nazis and fascists today, egged on by crypto-communists, represent the free world values of the UK and the USA during the second world war. The Nazis and fascists, along with the communists, were called ”authoritarians”, after all.

The big social media platforms really need to get their narrative straight when it comes to universal free speech. There are plenty of ways to allow for broad free speech while letting people protect themselves from disgusting and disturbing expression if there is a will to do so. Why not
 go for a subjective filtering/censoring AI, for posts and messages, instead of policing the whole platform inconsistently. The AI filter could send outright criminal messages directly to concerned institutions.

One way for individual nations to counter Silicon Valley’s political influence is to demand they don’t censor or manipulate expression that is allowed under national law ie. interfere with democracy. Another way is to put an ‘Agenda Check’-warning on social media sites to inform people of what they’re getting into. Facebook’s ‘Agenda Check’ could read something as follows – “Beware that all information you enter, whether on your profile or in the chat, can and will be stored, sold and used. This site is also not politically, scientifically or religiously neutral, but has been strongly tied to the ******** agenda…” and so on. Twitter’s ‘Agenda Check’ could mention the endorsement and help for BLM and Antifa among other things. 

Freedom of assembly and association – Your body, your life. You can obviously associate and gather, peacefully, as you choose.

Freedom of religion – Freedom of religion is a full lifestyle freedom that includes freedom of conscience, freedom of thought, freedom of speech, health freedom, freedom of dress, freedom of assembly/association, etc. Practice and preach as you need as long as others’ rights are not violated. Purity of food and what to put into one’s body has always been central to religions.

Freedom of the press (see Freedom of Speech) – Obvious extension of negative Liberty and Freedom of speech.

Free market – As self-ownership is everyone’s first private property, so is the free market a natural extension of everyone’s volontary and free will. A self-evident extension of negative Liberty. This should only be limited by other people’s rights, animal rights and to some extent nature’s rights. Regulation and bureaucracy should be formed to take into account all rights involved, especially customer’s, as to assure an informed and voluntary exchange.

Bureaucracy – Bureaucracy is always a slight compromise of negative Liberty, a hassle. Therefore it should be streamlined, minimized and not cause unnecessary restriction. It’s value is largely based on others’ right to know, and for people to organize and cooperate better.

Right to bear arms – The right to self-defense is a natural right and and guns are an equalizer regardless of sex, size and physical capabilities. Legal arms are also an effective way to keep would-be tyranny and intruders at bay. Legal carry is also the most effective way to interrupt mass shootings and -stabbings. Strong gun restrictions are an obvious form of infantilization and mental and spiritual castration of the public, and also an admission of failure by the political class. At worst it’s a prelude to a tyrannical coup d’tat. Because, as we all know, it’s not the state powers that are ever disarmed.

The big problems with guns are actually caused by the drug war, fatherlessness, media culture, the crime increasing “corrections” system, psychopharmaca and psychosocial health problems in general (strongly associated with lack of Liberty and the constrictive effect of the usury money system. We are in a so called behavioral sink and social media is filled with so called beautiful ones). I also want to mention the detrimental effect of telling boys and young men, who are on the bottom of the social hierarchy, that they are too powerful and privileged and that they are to blame for everything wrong with the world. School shootings were an early sign of this neosocialist push. So, in a crude and brutal way gun violence is also a direct indicator of our shortcomings in politics and culture. 

For communal/national defense purposes I’d recommend means to swiftly arm the whole populace.

Right to use Drugs (biochemical freedom and the right to nature) – Your body, your mind, your life. Use as you see fit as long as you don’t harm or endanger others. This right must be seen in the context of the whole package of liberty and equality, especially positive liberty; the long term effect of financial security and the completely new found access and negotiation power for most citizens in their own life.

The most abused and harmful drug ever is power over other people. It’s abused constantly and is extremely deadly. Actually what we usually think of as drug abuse is to a large extent escapism from a world riddled with abuse of power increased by the war on drugs.

While fear, anxiety, and even psychosis might be effects of cannabis and psychedelics for some; keep in mind, it’s about set and setting, and the setting for an expanded mind is society; even the world. The set has already been heavily influenced by this society. Who can truly claim terror isn’t a natural consequence of reality in this world? It doesn’t take much to improve society by leaps and bounds. If we truly want to heal we need to quit our trauma-causing addiction to power.

I suggest we grandfather in big organisms, like plants and mushrooms, and regulate the market and culture around substances wisely. Even if decriminalization is a huge step in the right direction, I suggest legalizing the whole supply chain. Specialized doctors could prescribe drugs that are more dangerous – heroin, opiates, amphetamines, etc. More scarce stores could sell natural psychedelics, etc. I’d say mild plant matter, like coca leaves, khat and cannabis, could be pretty much legal, alcohol style. I wouldn’t put it into governmental hands as their incentive is to maintain a big police force, and therefor a black market. As they are so close to big pharmaceutical lobbies and want to maintain power over the population, they are, also, not incetivized to provide a good, strong, medically effective product. 

Health freedom – The sick care system has been under the monopoly of the synthetic chemical pharma industry while the health care system has been suppressed. Certainly, the biochemical level is one way to influence health and illnesses, and no doubt there are some gems to be found in the synthetic chemical field. So, of course, allopathic medicine has its place, but its influence has been largely expanded through the war on lifestyle/wellness therapies – clean quality food, diets, fasting, supplements, exercise, silence-prayer-meditation-yoga, nature, massages, and other relaxing services, and various other at least safeish and possibly effective therapies, and natural medicines – especially, cannabis and cannabinoid extracts, and psychedelics and entheogens, ibogaine and kratom for the opioid crisis, etc. All this should be sanctioned and explored.

Good health care ought to include all of this pyramid while today it includes the red area almost exclusively and the other areas are belittled.

Forced vaccination is obviously not in accordance with self-ownership, NAP liberty, etc. Informed adults should ultimately decide for themselves. When it comes to essential vaccines being taken by adequate amounts of people I think a lot should be done through thorough studies and obvious honesty concerning ingredients, risks, benefits, and all other product information; long-term comparison studies on a broad range of health issues, including more subtle psychosocial effects (see Bertrand Russell warning quote). Nothing less is acceptable when it comes to injections of large parts of the population.

Suffering the disease to gain immunity could also be an alternative. In any case, we should always be wary of “health authorities” that scoff at health through diet and lifestyle while overseeing decades of degradation of nutrient content in foods, an increase of synthetic chemical load and criminally low nutrient recommendations. All of this while being more than eager to force people to take products of the synthetic chemical industry that they are lapdogs of.

Many are also eager to make vaccines a racket and really want coerced regular vaccination. Already at the Nuremberg trials we decided coerced medical experiments were criminal. We shouldn’t be too hasty in waving away all the important lessons of history. While these new mRNA technologies might be hugely beneficial in combating diseases like malaria, HIV, etc. we also need to recognize forced injections pushed through with establishment “authority” is not a tool we should give to anyone. In fact, we should roll back all the encroachments on privacy, bodily autonomy, non-hassle liberty, etc. that have been rushed through the past century and especially the past decades.  

“Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible. Even if all are miserable, all will believe themselves happy, because the government will tell them that they are so.”

– Bertrand Russell: “The Impact of Science on Society”, p.45, Routledge

“There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution”

― Aldous Huxley

Rudolph Steiner on one goal of vaccines

As diet and injunctions, as Bertrand Russell mentioned, are already so heavily used to take power from people and gain control, I would not support regular coerced injections, but instead roll back all other forms of coercion and control as well. Already in 2018 the EU was planning vaccination passports by 2022. Technocrats in other areas have similar plans and Event 201 probably created a stronger consensus among these pushing for more of a “sim society” instead of true liberty and human rights. Anyone who has read a bit of history should condemn such a proposal completely. What regime throughout history would you have given the right to regularly inject the population by force? If that door is opened, the technology can certainly be used in the future to make GMO-citizens that the powers that be deem suitable. Take into consideration that forced regular injections would be in addition to complete surveillance, controlled digital expression, digital voting, etc. Are you sure you want this power in the hands of people you know next to nothing about? 

Check out amazing results from vitamin-, mineral- and pharmaceutical treatments for COVID-19. 

To be honest, all common sense and evidence points to a planned marketing launch for regular forced injections with ID. How about a media that isn’t purely a tool for these sort of programs? How about we stop the ridiculous lie that the West goes quarter to quarter and election to election without planning decades and even centuries ahead? At the same time we can stop advancing the agenda of a completely monitored, controlled and even augmented people to suit a few.

Sex work – Your body, your life, your choice. Regulation to respect the public and keep it Liberty minded and not coerced, safe, and not reckless. We should mitigate economic pressure through debt decreasing UBI and ending the war on drugs. An accessible, diverse and effective therapy culture also helps people heal from trauma-based unhealthy behavior. According to many in the porn- and sex work industry it might be wise to put the age limit at 20 or 21.

Surrogacy – Your uterus, your life, your choice. Regulation should be formed to guarantee the child’s rights and to respect fair agreement. I think might necessitates some sort of “extended family” sort of relationship with a biological mother. This right must be seen in context of the whole package of liberty and equality, especially positive liberty; the long term effect of financial security and the completely new found access and negotiation power for most citizens in their own life.

Porn – We should look into ways of being more responsible guardians for our children, while respecting the rights of adults. The same goes for all the fear- and murder porn in the news and media in general. Think about the prevalence of open TVs and radios and the age children start to learn reading and the height of newsstands and access to internet touch screens. We live in pretty splendid peace times; why are we allowing the pervasive fear, panic and dividing media culture for our children? Attacks on the innocence of childhood from government, corporations and academia must be called out and ended. 

It is good to know that queer theory sees childhood innocence as an oppressive structure that it seems to destroy. A child who can live in innocence for longer will tend to be more grounded in the security it entails, and more difficult to lead astray. So, it’s not just a fluke that children are being bombarded with age inappropriate gender pseudoscience, sex information, sexual entertainment, horror, drama, etc. It’s actually founded in activist academia pioneered by sickos and pedophiles like Michel Foucault. 

Seems the optimal way to implement age restriction for online porn would be a time restricted code porn pass (weeks, months), that could be bought from places that sell alcohol and tobacco products. This way there would be an age check without a state or corporate database tying porn to a person. 

Gambling – Your money, your right to gamble. A provider’s funds are not merely an individual issue, though. That should be a consideration for people with gambling problems and their dependents. People with issues should be able to hand over autonomous decision making for agreed times. The same ought to be good for people with substance abuse problems as well. Luckily these policies lessen the strain on the people, society and the system, so much that resources for treatment alternatives won’t be a problem.

Euthanasia – Your body, your life, your choice, although I’d limit it to very debilitating conditions with deadly outcome. We should eliminate economic- and other pressure and utilize all good medicine, including cannabis, psychedelics, etc. Euthanasia, along with abortion and surrogacy, should be well-regulated to assure minimal risk for horror stories. 

Same-sex marriage and Polygamy – As this law is universal and gender-neutral it also opens up for the right to form legally binding unions regardless of sex. Although it is up to any church/mosque/synagogue etc. to choose if they want to respect the union, at the very least we ought to extend equal legal rights to same-sex couples.

Polygamy as a legal contract might also be justifiable, but it is pivotal to understand the importance the balance monogamy brings. Zera Yacub, the Ethiopian first star of the enlightenment, pondered the perfect fit of (heterosexual) monogamy, as a rational consequence of the population balance of the sexes. Jesus also put a lot of weight on this point and tied it to meaning in the story of creation. If we choose to allow, for instance, Islamic marriage we should, also, allow polygamous relationships regardless of sex. 

Circumcision – Non-medical bodily intervention, on the level of circumcision, is obviously a crime against bodily autonomy and all of that. It’s still far from such an act in a larger context. I would suggest a right, an avenue, for the offended party to address this grievance. So, perhaps make it a formal crime, that the victim can take to court a few years into adulthood.

Male circumcision makes up about 90% of global circumcisions. Of the 10% that is FGM (female gential mutilation) up to a third is comparable to male circumcision. That is to say, it is a removal of the clitoral hood, that is directly comparable to the male foreskin. 

Privacy – The possibility to spy on someone creates the potential for a huge power imbalance and ought not to be taken lightly. Breach of privacy is an infringement of personal space and should not be permitted without a well-established reason on an individual basis. Cash is also important for privacy and liberty in general as electronic money would allow some to completely control others’ money.

The technotronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values (US constitution/universal human rights). Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities. ”

Zbigniew Brzezinski, ’Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era’ (1970)

Abortion – A culture of frivolous views on ending pregnancy does something subtle, but extreme, over time. Especially, when how to navigate the issue is fairly visible, taking everyone’s interest into account. It would also be overwhelmingly beneficial to people and society. Abortion is not an acceptable final solution.  

This is strangely the issue that is mostly argued for with “my body, my choice”, but the argument doesn’t apply, as pregnancy is one body growing inside another body. Other circumstances where others are unfairly affected are the operating of heavy machinery and conjoined twins. That being said, a fertilized egg is not a grown human being and a ban from conception might not be wise.

”Safe, legal and rare” and ever earlier might be the best starting point. We should seek to phase out the choice of abortion within the next decades through universally accessible technical solutions, a culture of responsibility, education, economics, adoption, and of course a much-improved society and system for having children. If we tolerate early or extremely well-founded abortion in some capacity and try to decrease the amount, with a reasonable goal of almost ending the need for abortion in a decade or few. 

Gray Zone Issues:

Seat belts – They don’t hinder anything essential when it comes to operating a vehicle. To some extent, they can be justified with the rights of other drivers to prevent you from becoming a projectile in case of a crash; moreover, reducing injuries can even be seen as a right of health care professionals. The latter is a slippery slope, but seeing it doesn’t restrict the essential liberty of operating the vehicle it’s just a common-sense regulation. 

Non-human persons – Some animals clearly seem to be almost human in their intelligence, consciousness, family bonds, etc. I’m not sure exactly what their rights should look like, but they ought to have more suitable rights than, say, insects or even big herd animals. In these I include elephants, dolphins, apes, etc.

The trans issues:
Bathrooms –
It’s a fairly trivial issue, but with no clear answer and it raises a lot of emotions. I’d say trans people can use the bathroom of their experienced gender if they’re passing. That is to say, they look sufficiently the gender as not to cause discomfort, mainly among women and girls. 

Prisons – Case by case basis.

Sports – I give a big NO to trans women in women’s sports.

Positive Liberty in more detail

A lot of state control technologies came from Babylon. They continued through Greece, Rome, and onward.  The central one of these was usury banking.

Solution correction Feb. 6th 2023: If a national debt jubilee is too big of a thing to agree upon internationally, perhaps a national right to create debt-free money through certain quantitative ways would be in order. A universal citizen’s income (perhaps, at poverty level) would be one such way. A certain amount of monthly (?) income for every voluntary citizen (think, implications to mass-immigration).

Compare this money-creation method to the only current one (besides the miniscule coins and crypto-currency) disguised as bank loans to everyone – individuals, corporations, and states. The way of global national debt-free money for universal ends would be THE
 way to introduce a type of money that can pay off the debt in time. Besides a Universal Citizen’s Income nations could finance health care (success measured by minimal sick care = health) and education (measured by all-round humane wellness, consciousness, and knowledge/wisdom), both provided on a free-, healthy-, and simply, universally, and democratically regulated market.

How people use the word “capitalism” is confusing. They tend to talk about free-market liberalism and private ownership as the problem. The problem is there too and to an extreme degree in the other presented alternative(s), but the problems they describe are actually strongly tied to the usury money system (ie. making profit from printing money disguised as loans) and the vices in human nature it amplifies. Private property is the natural extension of owning one’s own body and life, and voluntary free-market liberalism is the natural extension of negative Liberty; to service, produce and associate with whom you like in the manner you (the involved parties) see fit.

Usury, on the other hand, is an age-old and frowned upon money/accounting/banking trick with a certain function and dynamic with psycho-social consequences. Making an honest profit on a good investment is not a problem. However, charging profit on the money created as debt is a huge problem, as it means more debt than money which is a negative-sum game. We’re always paying old loans with new loans.

The money creation mechanism is central to how society works. Ultimately how we experience life under usury is the ultimate “power from the people” – Ponzi scheme – a scarcity, or fear of scarcity, economic environment. While the more free culture and private ownership incentive have done wonders, the money equation distribution dynamics of usury system is at the end of the line here too, in it’s former form. It’s basically the economic mathematical equivalent of cancer at the center of our system. In olden times there was a balancing, a resetting mechanism, and event; most notably “jubilee“. Therefor I suggest a jubilee on mainly all national debt and implementing national UBI’s (opt. decrease or opt. out Unconditional Basic Income) foundations to the economies globally. That is the core of the economic great reset I suggest.

This is an intervention. We need to talk about usury. Usury is per definition controlled insolvency with delay. With money created as loans (debt + interest), the money system has inbuilt scarcity at its core. We always need more money to pay old debts, but all new money means even more new debt. It works like addiction or cancer. Like the war on drugs creating more drug problems, the war on terror increasing terrorism, alopathic medicines tend to increase the need for medicines and the prison system exacerbating criminal behavior, and so on. It boosts what ails us – greed, lust and the rest of it. So we’re trapped in behavior that just makes the situation worse. Damned if we do and damned if we don’t. Humanity is put into a double bind situation with increasingly detrimental psycho-social effects. According to this usury system, the masses would live with scarcity of money even when there is obvious potential for abundance for everyone.

The illusion of a reasonable economy can be maintained in the early nations as long as new peoples can be added, as during colonialism, or with rapid population growth and huge demographics entering the workforce, as during 20th century with women entering the workforce. Those days are gone and the debt problem is knocking on our door. Mass incarceration, increased student debt, sub prime mortgages, quantatative easing, austerity and mass immigration represent desperate ways to try to mend the problem.

Left to it’s own devices this mammon system means the moneyed class in this game of chairs gains more and more control over the assets of debt-burdened people and governments. The usury system cannot distribute money and debt in such a way as to fulfill everyone’s need and potential even when we’ve technologically far exceeded the potential for material utopia. It keeps masses of people in the financial prison that is poverty. It’s a mathematically assured economic behavioral sink. It’s basically an accounting trick that inevitably upholds and increasingly leads to financial fascism.

“Originally, usury meant the charging of interest of any kind and, in some Christian societies and even today in many Islamic societies, charging any interest at all was considered usury. During the Sutra period in India (7th to 2nd centuries BC) there were laws prohibiting the highest castes from practicing usury.[3] Similar condemnations are found in religious texts from Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam (the term is riba in Arabic and ribbit in Hebrew).[4] At times, many nations from ancient Greece to ancient Rome have outlawed loans with any interest. Though the Roman Empire eventually allowed loans with carefully restricted interest rates, the Catholic Church in medieval Europe banned the charging of interest at any rate (as well as charging a fee for the use of money, such as at a bureau de change). Religious prohibitions on usury are predicated upon the belief that charging interest on a loan is a sin.”

Let that sink in. Even the highest cast in ancient India wasn’t allowed to perpetrate usury on lower classes and this is the system we have pretty much all over the world today. Usury was universally frowned upon for a very good reason. It is a social control system and Ponzi scheme more than a sound economic system. Some have described it as a vampire system, a kind of covert slavery system.

Problems to be fixed: Mass poverty, massive debt and concentration of power.


I suggest a switch to a balanced and all-inclusive money system – a jubilee on all national debt to get a fresh start into this new economy of a citizenship-based globally implemented national Unconditional Basic Income that equals the poverty limit. Making it citizenship-based is a just addition and good tool in the immigration situation. Just coming from poorer countries to richer countries wouldn’t bring financial gain. Host countries could independently choose whom to grant the national UBI and/or nationality. That takes care of so much, even the real possibility to pursue and bring dreams to market.

Money put in customer’s hands in this way doesn’t disappear and cause us to run out of money. The money is more like a circulatory system that should optimally flow through all individuals in adequate amounts as a first priority. It’s like a monthly pulse that stimulates the economy democratically. When it’s placed into people’s hands, it enters the economy to a very large degree, causing productive activity. It gives a signal to the (free)`market to tend to the people’s needs and wants. It’s a people power-/trickle up-base for the economy. Much of it finds its way to wealthier people’s pockets and some of it can soon circulate again. By the way, in this analogy of the UBI being a pulse and part of the money circulating through all extremities, extremely centralized wealth would be the equivalent of a body in shock.

Look at this UBI  like this as well:

  • The poor and hand-to-mouth masses (Well over half of the population in developed nations) are an underutilized customer base and more customers means more business which means more jobs.
  •  We can also avoid the disincentive to work we have in the current welfare systems as all wages are on top of the UBI and don’t affect it.
  • An adequate UBI makes a high minimum wage unnecessary as people would get UBI plus salary.
  • An adequate UBI gives the workers and poor more power to negotiate.
  • It makes it possible to work 0 to 40+ hours instead of 0 or 40+ hours.
  • Huge psychological and social benefits.
  • It opens up for minimized bureaucracy and limited government.
  • People get an IQ rise of around 13 points when lifted out of poverty. So we’re looking at an untapped huge mass of wellbeing and goodwill, creativity and innovation. The war on drugs also has a multi-faceted hampering effect on many people’s potential.
  • It means a massively bigger pool to crowdfund from and democratizes the market.
  • The proclivity for low empathy (this) and other character problems is also exacerbated by huge wealth in mass financial desperation. Empathy can be too heavy a burden for many in these times.
  • We will also be moving from obligatory manual and mental labor to automated abundance in the next decades. Just as engines replaced the need for literal horsepower, so will automation be able to do the delicate physical- and mental labor. Now is the time to start separating adequate income from semi-forced labor and make non-poverty a human right.

The biggest and most essential class difference is between those who live in financial desperation and those who have financial security or even wealth. It’s a shame that we squander human potential with a money system that’s been known to have this effect since ancient times. Fix the usury money system by making the market work for everyone instead of having it pull us into financial fascism. Some sort of fascism/neo-feudalism is the guaranteed end-state of usury money. So, we’re in a double-bind situation if we follow the options given to us by this world.

Money is an organizing information tool and everyone has the right to access the basics (and then some) from our common marketplace. UBI signals the market to see to everyone’s needs as a first priority. Lift the bottom from 0 to the poverty line (~1300 per month in the USA and EU. Optionally ~700 federally and some on state level.) to start with. It might be wise to tie it to median income too. 

A debt jubilee on national debt would free up 30 trillion in national debt in the US. A sum that would finance a year of UBI 10 times over by itself. This can be done by minting trillion dollar coins or declaring the debt odious, as it has been done over the people’s heads while maintaining a false image of money and banking. Central banks could be abolished as well and we could return to honest full-reserve banking. I’m not sure what the deflation scare is about. Is it like NAIRU – fear of people getting too much power to negotiate? We’ve had massive inflation stealing from the poorer classes for a long time now. Deflation would only start to reverse that process and give more purchasing power. 

Also, ease the rise to maximum happiness income (~7000 per month). Making it opt-in and the amount optional up to ~1300 is also wise. Perhaps we should start low and increase it with 100 a month until the amount is reached as to give people time to adjust and benefit from the new market.

Well over 90% would see an increase in purchasing power (source: Andrew Yang’s presidential campaign) with an adequate UBI. If prices were to be raised to gauge this UBI the poverty line would increase and the UBI too to reflect that increase, which means more tax on those earning over maximum happiness income, perhaps on large wealth as well to balance inflation. Therefore, it wouldn’t be in the interest of the big owners to raise prices.  

If you need more justification for adequate resources for everyone I would have you consider the concept of ownership of land and natural resources. It’s not 100% real, but something we agree upon (formerly through war) even though it belongs to no one and everyone (See Georgism).. Also, consider the massive amounts of private profit made from the public investment – university research, military, etc. – plus public bank bailouts and austerity during recent years. It’s time to upgrade the system to reflect it being instituted for all of us.

I suggest some amount UBI be paid to every person from birth and help to cover basics, including kindergarten and school on the free market.

A return to the gold standard? I’m not sure. Where is the gold nowadays? How does land and technology ownership look after all this time of usury? Perhaps new money creation should be in the hands of democratic government, with a ban on creating inflation. 

Beyond guaranteed financial independence through a UBI positive Liberty means:

  • Guaranteed sick care. In sick care, I’d include everything expensive and necessary to remedy ailments – tests, surgery, medication, therapies. Mechanism I’d add: Guaranteed paid adequate sick care with possibilities to add personal funds. The free market possibility to choose the provider. Much more health care and personal consultation on diet, supplements, lifestyle, etc. 
  • Strong consumer rights. Product labeling and the right to know how products are produced. This should include all 600+ additives in common cigarettes, GMOs, conditions for animals and synthetic agro-chemicals instead of organic labels, just to name a few things. We aren’t really able to make free choices with misleading or lacking information.
  • Strong transparency. Right to public information and personal big AI data.

P.S. America was founded upon (Christian) enlightenment values of strong negative Liberty, core-function limited government, loads of hemp, and opposition to usury. While it mostly included wealthy European American males at the time, they got many basics of life and government right. Since then more and more demographics have been included, but at the same time we’ve slipped from many basics and the personal sphere has been severely compromised by big governments, corporations and organizations in the information age. Now is the time to make Liberty great again. Once we implement basic liberty we will experience psychosocial mass healing.

P.S.2 The 17th-century Ethiopian philosopher Zera Yacob proved that enlightenment values are the fruit of long-standing Christian culture.