Old World’s End part 3: How Barry Soetoro and his Michael Subverted the West

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He is literally the counterfeit Selassie (Trinity), groomed to co-opt the promise of a good world and the central principles of the civil rights movement. He is/was, though, only the main salesperson of the neo-communist globalist anti-Christ system of Bushes, Clintons, Blairs, Gateses, etc. It has been planned and formed for a long time by a lot of individuals and families with strong dark triad personalities – psychopathy, narcissism, machiavellianism.

Do you remember Obama’s 2008 campaign and acceptance speech? When he portrayed himself as the pinnacle and culmination of the American promise? When Oprah and Jesse Jackson cried in the audience? He had the left HOPEing in vain, AND over the years he CHANGEd them completely. A short list of Obama’s and Obamanation’s crimes: 

– Co opting Bob Marley’s, MLK’s, Malcolm X’s, Tupac Shakur’s, but also Haile Selassie I’s legacy while reversing their philosophy. Also, view this video in the context of the videos “Martyrs” and “Aerial View Of Babylon System’s Control Centers”. 

– Unleashing the woke/neo-communist plague – Epstein (got a very lenient sentence in 2008, but continued his (blackmail?) practices. A lot of people in the Obamanation circle visited his Island) – Fast and Furious (giving weapons to Mexican cartels)

– Turning on whistle blowers

– Taunting Flint residents 

 Pro-China climate deals

– Abortion stance in Illinois. 

– Mass transing of youth through ACA. Long-standing strategy, as Michelle is Michael, and trans-women have been put into sports and entertainment, as well as gays into rap. Obama is the head woke wizard, the demonic version of Rasta. 

– A trail of dead bodies of people who exposed him. Most famously Joan Rivers. Btw, have you heard of any former girlfriends? 

– Bank bail-outs + homeowner evictions

– Stirring up racial tension

– Unleashing woke virus around Occupy Wall Street, to destroy that movement, other movements, and ultimately the West.

– Planting organic garden while signing GMO-bill. 

– Drone attacks with about 90% “collateral damage”. Even murdering an American teenager. 

– Destroying Libya (Who among us has bombed a fairly developed nation into open slave trade while whipping up discontent in the West based on historic slavery?) 

– Arming ISIS

– Smuggling arms and fighters from Libya to Syria. 

– Sacrificing Benghazi and US operatives, and deleting massive amounts of emails, to cover it up. 

– Yemen 

– Having Trump face criticism for Obama’s policies of “Muslim ban” and “child cages”. 

And even if I can’t prove it, certainly there was covert build-up of anti-American sentiment and forces in academia, media, big tech, entertainment, etc. And when the hand-over to Hillary Clinton didn’t pan out, they put Russiagate, covid, BLM/Antifa-riots, the 2020 steal, and January 6th in motion. These are people who live by “Better to rule in hell than serve in heaven”. 

In 1977 Bob Marley released “Exodus”. The Exodus was 40 years of wandering in the desert before entering the promised land, after a final fight. This 40 years, in modern times, came to an end in 2017 when Donald Trump took office. Bob Marley, also, sang “Here comes the con man, coming with his con plan.” and talked about the conspiracy to introduce black plants to positions of power little by little. 

Remember, 9/11 is the Ethiopian new year, and it occurred exactly 10 years after George HW Bush’s “New World Order” speech. He said they’d have no “law of the jungle” in that speech. This signaled that they we’re going to subvert Selassie and forge their own NWO. After 9/11 we got their “war on terra”, which is the demonic oligarchy’s war on humanity. 

Also, pope Benedict wrote about wokeism being the antichrist spirit, and who’s the woke wizard? Woke is not a joke. It’s the second wave in the West of what culminated as fascism and Nazism in the 1930’s-40’s. It might have better marketing, it might have reversed the racism and sexism, but it is just and insidious. 

Obama predictive programming:



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