American Election 2020

Previously: Years of “Russia-gate” hoaxing, extremely negative media coverage, letting Democrats off the hook for very bad Covid-takes, covering for BLM/Antifa rioters, etc. etc. Before that we had 8 years of fairly calm news-coverage, while building up an even more well-connected global socialist machine went under the radar.

I could just mention the squashing of the Hunter Biden laptop-story and my case would be solid. 16% of Americans said they would have voted differently would they have known.

… but there’s more…

Here are some areas where there were clear problems. And, keep in mind, they only needed to rig big cities in key states to steal the election:

– Voting machine irregularities
– No entrance to vote counting
– Late night ballot drops
– Huge, instant spikes of votes for one candidate in swing states
– Podesta’s war games
– Guy saying it will look like Trump won but…
– Early call in AZ
– Late calls in swing states
– Unconstitutional mail-in voting
– 2000 mules
– Mark Zuckerberg’s 300 million in questionable election activities

The Russiagate witch hunt, covid, and George Soros’ “justice”-workers letting out criminals and the following legacy media enflamed Geroge Floyd riots also fit this bill.

Check out this post about what happened leading up to the election.

For massive amounts of information

The elitists in all countries always despise the will of the people. That’s why most modern democracies are somewhat skewed, but probably not completely manipulated. In any case, voting needs to be made completely solid and the discussion one in which all voices can be heard. There’s a lot that can be done in those areas for those who truly love democracy instead of using it as a euphemism for hegemony. 

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