A Word From Yeshua

"When The Power Of Love Overcomes The Love Of Power, The World Will Know Peace"

This site presents big claims about a simple message, which comes in three distinct levels of thought – Principles, Writing, Art.

Simple as 2 + 2 = 4, One central word; just four symbols, containing our true origin story and four connected central principles. Our true religious/scientific origin story puts us in a larger, meaningful context, as a humanity with a shared story. The principles provide us with the basics of how to live together in understanding through universal liberty, peace through golden rule, harmony through fair distribution and abundance through boosting nature to thrive.

Give yourself everlasting immunity against tyranny and help spread the spirit of this work by internalizing the simple message of universal individual human rights, and applying it to everyone – friend and foe alike.

“Dreams that form logically, morally, or aesthetically satisfying wholes are exceptional…” – Carl Gustav Jung

In Shortest:

3 and A puts us all in larger context and makes abundance possible for everyone.

O and 7 are interpersonal cultural- and legal principles that work between a few or a few billion people. They put a social emphasis on “unite and liberate”, the opposite of “divide and rule/conquer”- the credo of all tyrants.

3. Let the main plant booster – CO2 – increase. Help plant life thrive, and let humans thrive. Make our living environment healthy and life-affirming.
A. Utilize what nature has to offer fully and wisely, and especially our main plant ally – hemp.
O. Let adults live as they want, as long as it’s in accordance with that right universally. Organize this in a fair and reasonable fashion. Raise children healthy, strong, conscious, aware, and balanced, to prepare them for a truly free society. Guarantee every human being adequate resources (money and trustworthy info) as a minimum, without hassle.
7. Be neutral on sex, gender, race/ethnicity, sexuality, faith, status, etc. in matters of rights and duties.

Biblical Ties:

The first letter of John in the new testament says “God is Love” two times. Love is also the central theme of the global culture revolution of the past generations, like reason was for the enlightenment.

LOVE turned around can be written 3AO7. Only these numbers and letters fit. Each of these four symbols have been predefined thousands of years ago. You can find the numbers on the first page of the bible and the letters on the last page.

The curtains in the tabernacle/temple were in these three colors.

Exodus 26:1: “Make a curtain of blue, purple and scarlet yarn and finely twisted linen, with cherubim woven into it by a skilled worker.

The colors and the twelve symbols in the logo pay homage to the ancient Israelite priestly garment, with the three colors – red, blue and purple – and twelve different crystals on the breastplate, for the twelve tribes.

In Short:

3: Has to do with optimal environment for humans and life in general. 

“Day”/yowm/eon three is when plants came about (Genesis 1:11-12). The atmosphere and skylights, necessary for plants, came about on “days” two and four respectively.
 What is the optimal atmosphere for plants like? The main message in 3 concerns carbon dioxide. The optimal co2-level for plants is around 1000 ppm / 0.1 %. The current level is just above 400 ppm / 0.04 %. Normal levels for the thriving life on our planet have been 1000 – 5000 ppm or 0.1 – 0.5 %. So, the optimal level for plants is a low normal level.

A: Alpha is the first letter in the Greek alphabet and deals with the beginning, our origin story, as written in the Torah, and decoded through science and logic. They basically tell the same order of events. The Torah/Bible just puts a lot of emphasis on the influence of plants and substances, as well as an ancient water cataclysm, on early human consciousness. The main message of our beginning, along with the end of the bible is – Legalize and maximally utilize hemp, cannabis, kaneh bosm. 

O: Omega is the last letter in the Greek alphabet and deals with the end of history, which is a common concept is philosophy. It ends the political dialectic. It describes the optimal political philosophy; which is every individual’s full basic liberty, both negative- and positive-.

Negative liberty, in short, is “live as you choose, as long as you don’t infringe on other’s equal right” (some public community standards may apply). This is merely a redirection of common resources from policing personal vice “crime” to prevention of people directly hurting each other or putting them/us/you in undue danger. In speech this entails mere prosecuting stalker behavior, threats, inciting violence, slander, etc. A lot of the good results from policy based on this principle can be negated by neglect of the other, supporting, principles. 

Positive liberty, in short, is “guaranteed adequate financial and informational resources for everyone”. We should end usury banking and institute an automated guaranteed basic income as the foundational mechanism in money creation and distribution. Beyond this, perhaps voucher systems, could guarantee sick care and education. Adequate information consists in fullest and clearest possible insight in government, as well as products, services, and corporations in the market.

7: Has to do with learning to distinguish between spiritual light and darkness, good and evil, instead of learning pseudo-scientific thinking based on demographic traits like sex/gender, skin color/ethnicity, sexual orientation, ability, etc. or titles wealth, status, that say next to nothing about the individuals we meet. 

This is what ”day”/yowm/eon seven is about; from our innocent beginnings through eating of ”the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil” and through history. It reminds us to ponder psychology and personality, virtue and character. This allows a release of resources from the massive push to reintroduce a new race-, sex-, sexuality-, ability-, etc. mentality to actually beneficial areas.

Further Explained...


"Image of God"

This symbol is about completion, wholeness, oneness, rest. The seventh “day” of creation deals with humanity learning about spiritual light and darkness (see A).

The coin has a cross- and fish shape in the middle with pink for feminine and blue for masculine on the bottom and four shades of human skin color above. Along the nether edge, to both sides, are the symbols for male and female. The words “In The Image Of God” are on the bottom edge of the coin.

I believe there’s vital understanding missing from the public awareness about the diversity of consciousness. Not only personality types, but how we experience life and the inner and outer world. There are people who hear their thoughts; have inner dialogue. Some think more visually, and so on. Some don’t ‘see’ at all. 

I’d say this is much more interesting and describing of the individual than sex, skin color, sexuality. etc. A truly unused dimension of deepening interpersonal understanding on a vast scale.

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"Law of Liberty"

“O” (omega) is about the end (of history) and deals with the foundation of optimal politics – (Global National) Universal Individual Liberty. It upgrades what passes for a social contract to a justified and equal social agreement.

On one side it has the human body and personal space representing negative Liberty – “Your body, your choice. Live and let live”. Around it is the word “-  Liberty -” in six languages. On the other side, it has planet earth, for our home planet and the natural resources we all share in. Around it is the word “+ Liberty +” in six languages.

The message is “Liberty, both negative- and positive-, is THE universal human right as real as the fact that we have separate bodies and a rich shared planet, and government/laws should be shaped accordingly.”

Along the edge are two fused quotes of Jesus – “Love Others As Yourself And The Truth Will Liberate You”.

I claim this is an objectively free and equal basis for law among adults for any species with separate bodies. It’s the obvious conclusion of the highest law according to Jesus.

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"Eden Equation"

“A” (alpha) is about the beginning and deals with our origin story.

This coin has a slanted apple, with the chemical formula for alcohol, and the words “The Fruit Of The Tree Of The Knowledge Of Good And Evil”. On the other side is the hemp leaf with the phrase “The Healing Of The Nations”

I will show in a rational and obvious way that the 3300 years old biblical origin story tells of events that differ only slightly from what we understand today through science. It just adds a couple of essential things to the story of the human experience, namely the effect of the central substances (alcohol and cannabis) and a pre-/mid historic massive civilization-destroying flood cataclysm.

This series of events is both scientifically and biblically founded:
1. The universe began and space was created beginning with light and then darkness. After increasingly complex life evolved/developed on earth the process culminated in humans.
2. In humans began and developed a world of psyche, concepts, culture and language.
3. At some point, we started blackout drunkenness. It obviously started with the eating of fermented fruit before evolving into wine, vineyards and alcoholic grain drinks.
4. (During the end of the last ice age,) we experienced global water cataclysms that certainly affected early humans harshly.

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"Goal 1000"

“3” is about the basics of the universe and life. The third “day” of creation deals with biocentrism, in the form of plants, and their environment on “days” two and four – atmosphere and light. So, this principle is about optimal conditions for life and humans. 

This is suitably in the shape of a cap opener, ie a carbon dioxide releaser, in the shape of the three atoms in the carbon dioxide molecule. On one side it has the letter “G”, for “Goal”, and “1000” on the other side, for “1000 ppm carbon dioxide”.

This is just a friendly reminder that plants really love and depend on CO2 and that the normal level for thriving life on earth has been 1000-5000 parts per million (ppm). We were at a mere 180-280 ppm before the industrial age. Plants start dying if the ppm is below 150; around 1000 ppm is optimal for a lot of plants.

Increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is LOVE for plants and by proxy animals and us. The challenges with oil and coal are smog, oil spills, non-repaired mining sites, nano-particles, and pollution, not carbon dioxide.

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