Alleviating The World’s Needs

There was recently a discussion on Twitter about Elon Musk alleviating world hunger with 6 billion dollars. I’ll take that proposal as a foundation to present a plan to help humanity’s all-round thriving. I’m not sure exactly how far 6 billion would take us, but I know that any vast and long-lasting food/thriving program should take vital parts into consideration:

a) 1 billion in – administration, organizing, and financial- and political consulting.
b) 1 billion in – direct food aid. 
c) 1 billion in – aid containers.
d) 1 billion in – permaculture-, urban farming and food garden projects.
e) 1 billion in – water-harvesting- and greening projects.
f) 1 billion in – water replenishing projects. 

a) “Organizing” would include organizing volunteer helper travelers on-ground. These would help with implementing all kinds of projects. “Financial- and political consulting” would include central weight on a guaranteed universal basic income.

b) These “direct food aid” packages would also have some plantable seeds in them. 

c) I picture these aid containers being somewhat tailor-made to the needs of the people and area, but would have everything to make a thriving village: tents (solar roofs), water-cleaning, medicine, tools, educational material, simple electric & IT-equipment, foods (including varied seeds for planting), containers (for water, food-stuff, planting, aquaponics, etc.), fuels and even vehicles. Everything would come with easy universal instructions.

Let’s say one full container costs 5000 dollars/euros (2000 for a used container + 2000 for supplies + 1000 for shipping). That would be 100 000 containers for half of the 1 billion budget. Let’s say that amount is achieved with helpers on the ground. That would be 100 000 strategically placed life-boosting containers across the world. 

d) The areas described ought to be fairly self-explanatory. These work in tandem with e) and f).

e) “Water-harvesting” would include improving old river beds to improve water utilization. Also, improving swamped lakes. “Greening” projects would include planting diverse and productive forest areas for human and animal use. Guided grazing of animal herds should be part of this project.

f) “Water replenishing projects” would include replenishing sea floors, corals, marine life and especially fish and marine life in oceans, lakes and rivers. Most people on earth live close to water, and fish from these waters are an important food supply. So, guaranteeing good fishing would be beneficial. 

Some (!) of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere could be used to replenish the oceans. This science also proves that climate science isn’t real science. It’s big money and drams of technocracy disguised as established acientific consensus.

A lot of the work could be done through guaranteed jobs with 100 – 1000 €/$ addition to guaranteed universal basic income (GUBI) and largely using recycled material.

I would say a budget of 100 times more – 600 billion – would be a reasonable demand in the service of basics for most of humanity. That seems what true public servants would do. I mean, where are we and with whom if not?

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