An Answer To CRT and The 1619 Project

”It is easier to raise strong children than to repair broken men” – Frederick Douglass

It is widely claimed that the problems ailing the decendants of slaves in America today are almost exclusively the result of slavery and covert anti-black sentiments within the system. I’d like to present a different narrative.

Thomas Sowell has pointed out that in the 1950’s one rarely heard gun shots in Harlem, that babies out of wedlock was much more rare and that wages for African Americans were on a good trajectory. The color neutrality that Haile Selassie I and Martin Luther King championed would have sufficed*. That’s what those ”I am a man”-signs were about – ”All men are created equal”.

*Some affirmative action was necessary at this time.

Margaret Sanger – founder of Planned Parenthood and neo-eugenecist icon – passed away in 1966. Never forget that the Democratic party was the party of slavery, the KKK, Jim Crow, and from the 1960’s onward, a lot of what I’ve written here. Of course, there’s been a lot of bipartisan work, but the belief that the Democratic party has been better for minorities is a big lie.

Hillary Clinton has expressed huge admiration for Margaret Sanger as well as Robert Byrd. Robert Byrd was a high-ranking KKK-member. These people call themselves dragons, wizards, etc. You best believe they know how to play people’s inclinations against themselves and others. They have their roots in slave holding and add to that all the psychology and sociology of the 20th century. 

This increase in murders in 2020 also clearly displays the failure of Democrat policies. All regular people are victims when policies lead to more crime and violence. 

So, what happened from the 1960’s onward? Covert Marxism happened. A welfare system was implemented in a way as to break up the family; to estrange the fathers and keep mothers out of the work force for fear of losing the welfare money. Breaking up the family is at the core of Marxism, but the program was probably marketed behind the scenes in terms of feminism too, as a way to separate “toxic masculinity” from the children. The abortion policy that came into effect in the 1970’s was also, of course, marketed as empowering women.

There was certainly a lot of equality feminism at the time, but it almost got completely subverted by neo-Marxism. The con of ”free love (sex)” has also played a key role in this attack on Western societies. Ironically, that too has had the leftists playing into the hands of the capitalists while trying to create their utopia. A culture of monogamy produces stability while “operation free sex” funnels female sexual attention to a minority of men, leaving the rest to desperately try to “get rich or die trying”. We can talk about unrealistic expectations, but let’s widen the discussion to women’s expectations of men.

Gloria Steinem on being a CIA asset in the 1950’s. 

Side note: Is monogamy in nature tied to admirable traits in humans? Examples – Beauty, elegance and a higher perspective, as in swans and bald eagles. Molding of the environment, building, as in some beavers.


So, you got increasing numbers of fatherless boys and girls. It does a lot in terms of rootedness. Fathers tend to give that structure and security that a good and balanced life needs. 

Fathers also contribute greatly to the development of empathy. You see, empathy isn’t learned merely by emulating. It tends to develop as a result of someone drawing boundaries that demand one take others into consideration. When you see a war on fathers and masculinity, watch out, there’s something cultish coming (think 1980’s onward all across the West). 

Now you had growing gang activity, crime, drug abuse, etc. along with a lot of political tension and terrorism. Then the ”war on drugs” was launched after the ”hugely successful” ”war on poverty”. It too was marketed as a humane and wise program at the beginning, as all these programs that lead to more chaos and tyranny are. Drug abuse, drug war violence and the prison population grew, and the prison system is geared towards recidivism and not reintegration.


In the 1980’s we saw the launch of crack cocaine, which got much harsher sentenses than Wall Street- and Hollywood cocaine. Rap started gaining recognition, but seems to have been intentionally funnelled into gansta rap and vapid worldly values. A crime bill was introduced that guaranteed more cheap prison labor, prison profit and further crushed communities.

At this point Marxist feminism was big feminism, and intersectional identity Marxism had been introduced, laying the ground work for the SJWs, BLMs, and overall corrupting culture of today. Maximal sensitivity and narcissism was also introduced to upbringing and education. This, of course, was a match made in hell with the social media that was to come.

Side note: Coca-Cola is the only corporation allowed to legally import coca leaves into the USA and make cocaine. They do it because it gives some of the original taste of Coca-Cola and the cocaine supposedly only goes to medical use , like numbing pain in the eye during surgery. Obviously the really upper echelon has access to this. Even the political elite in Washington DC has a secretive personal pharmacy. A documentary on Elvis’ Las Vegas years revealed him and the “Memphis mafia” got a hold of this stuff.

We can and should research the systemic aspect, but this is us, we the people, in interracial violence. The violence within race would also be enlightening, but in any case, there are basic individual and communal factors that uphold the status quo. 

One Marxist trick is to subvert history – the roots and historical identity of people. In feminism it was done done bigly with Simone de Beauvoir’s book “The Second Sex”, which claimed history is mainly men’s oppression of women. In the race sphere it has been done in more subtle and covert ways over the past decades, but has been put into overdrive with CRT, BLM and “1619 project”.

The true story of the US is, of course, the codification of enlightenment values into national politics on the world stage. These universal individual liberty values lead to abolishing slavery, to more and more demographics demanding and getting their God-given rights, and to never before seen material and cultural wealth.

Then there’s been this bait and switch, a utilitarian con-game, where the universal individual liberty has been diminished, bureaucracy and intrusion expanded, while minority rights has been presented as he only necessary progress. Nothing but full liberty for all is ever enough.

To end this post off I’ll leave you with this classic song from Elvis from over half a century ago. It tells of multi-generational desperation, hopelessness, crime and violence in the eternal Democrat stronghold of Chicago. As the social sciences, political sciences, economics, etc. have developed so much I bet the situation isn’t nearly as bad today.

… Oh…

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