Carl Sagan on Education

Bob Marley said “We don’t have education. We have inspiration”. Well, I suggest harnessing inspired education.

Here’s a clip of Carl Sagan commenting on something being terribly wrong in the education-/indoctrination system. I suggest philosophy be part of education from the get go. Not any tedious and boring history of philosophy, but just the basics of how to think, how to question, logical fallacies, how to search for answers, and so on. Also, discussing in this fair and rational way should be a natural part of the schooling. Teaching logical fallacies alone would go a long way. This is also one effective way to immunize the people against tyrannical indoctrination.

Add to that everything about real life in this system that is completely left out of the curriculum.

This “hierarchy of argument” is a basic, simple depiction of what’s wrong with the discourse and hat we need to aim at.

Logic, reason, researching and weighing facts are at the core of enlightenment – how to think and reach closer to truth and goodness. These should not be tools acquired by some who get it intuitively or dare to venture into philosophy. These are basic tools that need to be given to all; for the individual and society.


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