Old World’s End part 2: The Attempt To Forge A New World Order

George HW Bush comes from a very dark “skull and bones” family. He became head of the CIA in 1976 after William Colby was killedthe same year Bob Marley suffered an assassination attempt. His father did a lot of business with the Nazis.

He was director of the CIA from 1976 (when Bob Marley was shot) to 1980, when he was elected as Ronald Reagan’s vice president. Shortly after this an attempt on Ronald Reagan’s life was made by a friend of the Bush family. A comparison can be made to 911, when the Bush’s friends – the Bin Ladens – were flown out of the country immediately following the attacks.

Before his passing, Bob Marley was baptized with the name “Berhane Selassie”, which means “Light of the Trinity”. Shortly after this aspartame was allowed in food, due to the work of Bush’s friend Donald Rumsfeld, and the counterfeit “Light”-boom began. This is laid out in the documentary “Sweet Misery”.

This guy is central in the attempt to “forge… new world order”. “Not a law of the jungle” is a slam on Haile Selassie I, Bob Marley, and all of the Love revolution of the past generations.

Fun facts:

1. He made his famous “New World Order”-speech on Ethiopian/African new year 9/11/1991, exactly 10 years before he used his people in the NEWS (north, east, west, south) to pull off the WTC- and Pentagon’s accounting wing bombing, and the following “war on terror”. Officially the attacks were orchestrated by a son to Bush allies – Osama bin Laden a.k.a. CIA asset “Tim Osman”. This happened one day after Donald Rumsfeld stated that the Pentagon couldn’t accout for 2.3 trillion in spending.

After the attacks there were letters with anthrax sent out. It later came out that these came from some government facility.

2. To ‘forge’ means to ‘advance steadily’ or to ‘meld together’, but also to ‘make a counterfeit’.

An extensive documentary about the events on 9/11/2001. 

Signers of the PNAC-project that called for a “new Pearl Harbor”.

The “1000 points of light” is a throwback to John F Kennedy who said he was going to “break up the CIA into a 1000 pieces and scatter them to the wind”. These “1000 points” would be people in “the know” about what’s going on. So, operation “Mockingbird” perfectly fits this description. It was/is an operation for the CIA to infiltrate the mass media. 

It might also allude to operations “MK Ultra“, “Monarch” and other programs, which deal with pharmaceutical- and trauma-based mind control; probably sexual- too. Many modern celebrities and politicians are probably the result of one, or more, of these projects.

Fun fact: Obama made propaganda psyops upon the American people legal, according to Michael Hastings, who was probably assassinated (1, 2).

Here’s a short and simple video on facts that rarely, if ever, told to the larger public. The JFK assassination was the first time the term “conspiracy theory/theorist” was weaponized by the CIA. In recent years the war on independent researchers has seen new levels.

Where’s JFK’s brain? How about Elivs’ brain and heart? How about Geronimo’s skull?

As media is this controlled and deceptive, and you add to that big pharma, miseducation, vapid entertainment and celeb culture, nude scanners, etc. etc., one can imagine the psychological gap between this clique and the public. Every little trick gives this gang spiritual power over the people. That’s what their modus operandi is. Just think of how warped everything is when these people are pushing for full surveillance and constant “QR-code, please” because “there might be dangerous or sick people among you”. It’s you, you fuckers! As Bill Hicks would’ve said. All of these bubbles have to be popped in order to liberate the people. These people are sick and dangerous. Almost everyone else is pretty awesome. 

This researcher has really done the work of uncovering a lot of sources that lay the history and agenda bare. Very well worth a listen.

Fun fact: George HW “Poppy” Bush’s nickname comes from the opium (poppy) trade that his family, and many other skull & bones families, have been involved in. This was also a central motive for the occupation of Afghanistan.

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