My Invisible Family

I wonder, as someone might feel the presence of one’s presence and influence in the flesh, how would it differ from one’s relationships and influence beyond physical life, especially in the age of writing, books, audio recordings, video, etc.?


This quote perfectly describes my most influential relationships.

In fact, Albert Einstein was someone I spent a lot of time with, especially as a pre-teen. I was becoming an atheist at that point, and maybe Albert Einstein maintained some kind of spirituality and moral meaning, reverence for intuition and imagination and wonder, beyond mechanistic material science/scientism. 

Another big one was Bob Marley, who’s music I discovered in a shoe box when I was around 13. My parents suspected I started smoking cannabis around that age, but I only tried it a couple of times in my teens. I started smoking more regularly with a couple of friends after I got out of the army at age 20. 

He had such a strong influence and calling that I considered applying for the University of Kingston.

This is what my picture in the officer’s school course book looks like. The text which my class mates wrote says “Dreams about founding a military engineer company in the Caribbean”. 


Tupac Shakur was someone I listened to non-stop for weeks and months, leading up to and following my initial spiritual awakening at age 21, in September of 1999, as I aimlessly wondered the streets of Copenhagen. He has had massive influence on my inspired strive for- and faith in a better world.


MAKAVELI the don killuminati “the 7 day theory“.

Bill Hicks was a big influence in the early 2000’s. Logical, clear-sighted, socially conscious, independent thinker… religiously, politically, culturally, scientifically, philosophically courageous.

Bill Hicks thought it should be legal to burn the flag because the flag stands for the freedom to burn the flag. I’d say anyone who truly understands what the flag stands for would not burn it in hatred. 


Terence McKenna is an intellectual-spiritual virtuoso I’ve spent hundreds of hours listening to. 

“By the Conquering Lion Of Judah, His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I (“The Power Of The Trinity”), King Of Kings, Lord Of Lords, Elect Of God”. “Mr. Strong”, as Winston Churchill called him.

Without this remarkable man the West would have gone with that wave of eugenics and scientific racism, and the under developed world would not have had an astonishing example of progress.

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