Original Word Wizards

If you’ve read a bit of this blog you might be familiar with the “neo-Marxist’s”, “crypto-comuunist’s”, “global socialist’s” use of verbal trickery. It is very important to learn these tricks and point them out

Anyways, in this post I’d like to bring up some of the original word wizards – the roman catholic church – and especially two concepts that are skewed up to this day – hell and love. 

In ancient Greek, in which the new testament is written, “love” has at least four separate meanings – philos, eros, agape are all translated as “love”. And in modern culture there is a hyper focus on romantic love, which tends to infantalize us, as we can see. It’s like my grandma used to say – “People need to talk more about love”, and it should be done in the full context of what is good, just and right. 

The other word which was skewed is “hell”. There are four words that are translated as “hell”, and arguably none of them fit the description of eternal punishment. For example, “sheol” is translated as “hell”, when it is in fact like a unconscious state from which the resurrection is supposed to happen. The original Christians – the apostolic patriarchs – didn’t seem to believe in “hell” as eternal punishment. The roman catholic church, and later the Church of England’s King James Bible, did that.

Q: How come Muhammed, who was born some 3 centuries after Christianity became Rome’s state-religion, didn’t know much, if anything, about the Yeshua of the canonical gospels?

Remember, the Roman empire had centuries to study Egypt, Judaism and Christianity, and every other teaching around, before they-co-opted the Christ movement.


Check out this snake head hall where the pope sits.


And the statue, called “the resurrection”, behind him. It was made in 1979 and depicts Yeshua rising from an atom bomb.


This is the face of the rising Christ.

The question of law also pertains to this. The only true “social contract” is respecting other people’s equal God-given rights – life, liberty, pursuit of happiness – and governments only right place is to protect these. This is basically natural law. Sections O and 7 lay out the principles.

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