Sons of Light and Darkness

This is a remake of a drawing I made back in 1999 and showed to some relatives in the grip of ecstatic fervor. I could not have put the meaning of it in any greatly descriptive words back then, but nowadays the deeper meaning is glaringly obvious. 

The “777” and “666” depict two different psyches. It’s like two heads from above; the two brain hemispheres and the spinal chord or little brain. The two different patterns symbolize different modes of being.

“666” consist of one internal pattern with no access to the objective world. The frontal parts are separate, which makes one very susceptible to dichotomy us-vs-them thinking, hypocrisy, double standards, “whataboutist” jumping to unrelated subjects, etc. It makes for effective semantic games; ability to switch lane without regard to reason, but ultimately dark and void of any solid foundation. It’s all about power by any means. So, basically dark triad personalities (narcissism, psychopathy, machiavellianism). I believe these kinds of people might not get irony/sarcasm the same way. They might get it as malicious and sadistic, more schadenfreude. 

“777”, on the other hand, consists of two triangles, denoting the ability to reflect, to compare and contrast and strive for truth. One of the triangles reaches out into the objective reality from between the frontal lobes. 

This is very simplistic, but the reality of this division has become evermore obvious over time. These days the “777”‘s seem fairly aware of how the “666”‘s operate, but I’m not sure the “666”‘s generally have any idea the “777”‘s operate differently to them; more fairly, honestly, virtuously. I believe that a lot of what has been done through food, pharma, academedia, politics, etc. has been done to boost/lock down the 666-mode in people.

If you’re familiar with Karl Marx’s satanic fantasies of power and destruction, expressed in his poems (book), it should come as no surprise to you that the post-modernists maximized this tendency and that it’s come to this. It is absolutely something to take seriously when we’re talking about an ideology that’s a cheap ripoff of Christianity and has resulted in over 100 million people’s death by government in less than a century.

The picture below is a Facebook post I made some days after the 2016 American presidential elections. Holds up pretty good, although I would not describe the new awakening of “Westernism”/Americanism as I did. What is having a rebirth is obviously the universal individual liberty at the core of the founding of America.

P.S. Around the same time, in 1999, I also told a friend that what happened mostly locally in 1920’s-1940’s in continental Europe was now making a big push globally. That’s why I call the party of Davos “corporatist global socialism”, as Nazism was “national socialism” – carbon control, pharma technotyranny, digital book burning and de-personing, rampant sex-, skin color-, sexuality hate ideology throughout academedia and most institutions.

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War Scroll

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