Overstanding The World System

Here’s a simple overview of the world system. It consists of power centers – like chakras – with their own specific areas and functions. It is a system of huge actual progress – philosophical and material – So, one can’t knock it outright. It needs a big upgrade, though. We need a “great reset”, but nothing I’ve heard out there compares to the suggestion I’ve laid out on this page.

Mecca: Here Muslims circle around the kaaba (the black box with a meteor stone in it) during the annual haaij. Also, daily prayers as well as halal slaughter is directed towards this location. This desert Mecca doesn’t fit the descriptions in the Quran and all the earliest big mosques are directed towards the ancient valley city of Petra. 

Israel: The holy land. An island of liberty and democracy, and massive innovation, in the middle-East. The name comes from the old testament and means “those who wrestle with God”, denoting an evolution of consciousness. Established around 1500 BC. Under the rule of gentiles from 70-1948 AD. Here people have a black box on their forehead while praying (compare to the black box of the kaaba).

The Vatican: The seat of the holy Roman catholic (universal) church. The center of mystery religion.

City Of London:
Center of modern usury finance.

Washington DC:
The district of Colombia. The center of modern enlightenment politics. 

The center of cinematic dream weaving. 

Silicon Valley:
Social media- and big tech power.

The big totalitarian authoritarian nation of today. As people don’t innovate in this sort of system, the fruits of the free world have been transferred here for mass production, but also for implementing techno-tyranny world wide. “Socialism with Chinese characteristics” perfectly fits Mussolini’s definition of fascism as the merger of state and corporate power. It also has a strong racial/ethnic component. I assume the CCP learned unrestricted warfare from the Rockefellers.

Also, read the post about rocker science and Elvis with this system in mind. I might have him to thank for this bird’s eye view.

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