Old World’s End part 1: R&R Timeline

This is why we don’t have nicer things, like liberty, privacy and wide prosperity. This post is about the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers. and others of their ilk.

The Rothschilds came up by usury banking, taking over European finance by playing both sides of every war. The Rockefellers, who came from literal snake oil scams, later made it big in the oil industry. Then they monopolized synthetic chemical pharma field and went on into education and world government.

Following the sinking of the Titanic in 1912 they got the Federal Reserve Central Bank instituted in the USA. This automatically sets in motion an escalating turn of events and demands what I call ‘satanic cycles’, which is business models that take more than they give, just like usury money. 

As I’ve laid down below, this stage was preordained, but it is still evermore abhorrent and needs to be called out and transformed into something we can all live in/with.

This one world system came on top of world history, as described in the 7 th day theory, based upon the “days” in Genesis. According to it we’ve gone through a light period, of oneness consciousness, when we first appeared on the planet. Then we experienced a fall/split in consciousness, followed by an escalation in suffering and violence. This civilization was finally mostly wiped out by a flood at the end of the last ice age.

After that we have what we call recorded history, when individual light and dark heavenly bodies have come upon the world stage. The biggest being Jesus Christ (the sun) and Muhammed (the darkening moon). If you read the Quran in the right chronological order it just gets more dark and violent. 

I’m not sure if the date 1945 is correct, or if it’s when the FED was founded in 1913. When 3 in the image below starts is based on the Israeli flag, with the waters below and above.

… in any case, then we get this political/cultural/social structure and development, built around usury and satanic cycles. This is the world we see coming to an end in these days. 

Think of it like Hawaii. The waters are the masses of people, kept under with all the tools of the trade. The land is what you could call the establishment, and then you have a big mountain, representing world government. 

This structure is built around power and knowledge. The tools are mainly financial (usury), politics, education, media, food & medicine.

Rev. 22:15 describes what is outside the good and new at the end:
“Outside are the dogs, those who practice magic arts, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolaters and everyone who loves and practices falsehood.”

Here is what is described as outside:

kyōn – ‘dogs’ ie. people of impure mind.
pharmakos – ‘paractices of magic arts’ ie. big pharma.
pornos – ‘sexually immoral’ ie. especially those sexualizing children.
phoneus – ‘murderers’ ie. especially the war industry.
eidōlolatrēs – ‘idolaters’ ie. those who worship celebrity, scientism, money, etc.
pseudos – ‘those who love and practice falsehood’ ie. large parts of media and academia. 

As you can see many of these industries have put into overdrive during the past years.

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