Like original Marxism, neo-Marxism distracts from the real policy problems and diverts energy to making everything worse. People who could be studying real power structures are funneled into a wild goose chase.

Neo-Marxism has all the central components of Marxism – it seeks to macro- and micro manage the economy and private life, it plays supposed groups against each other as clear-cut oppressors and oppressed, it aims to subvert history/roots/identity, it seeks to destroy family and religion to bring all attention/power to itself as evermore unaccountable state and/or corporations/institutions. It seeks to create a socialized mass human by eradicating all distinctions between men and women, adults and children, it subverts language, etc.

The opening shots in this culture war were shot by french post-modernists in the 1960’s by teaching a generation that truth was of no concern, that there was only a fight for power between demographics, that everything right of leftism was to be condemned and everything in line with the agenda to be protected, etc. etc. 

It is the tailor-made for Marxism for the West after the traditional pathogen had destroyed peoples and nations around the globe. It has the distinct shape of making war against the traditional working class, allowing clearly privileged people to act as oppressed merely based on sex, skin color and sexuality.

The control of the economy is largely done by carbon dioxide monitoring and restriction, but also media and the meta media of big tech. During corona it has also taken forms that are unprecedented in modern Western history.

It is also noteworthy that many whom label people “conspiracy theorists” have been aware of and involved in this subversion for decades.

To me it looks like post-modern neo-Marxism is tailor-made around toxic femininity. Evolutionary psychology tells us men’s tools for hunting and protecting either worked or not. There was no rooms for “I feel like it should work”. Women, on the other hand, were more often around the camp, and therefor spirit, consensus, etc. were of more importance than objective truth. 

It is also said that a man’s tool for hunting was a spear, but a woman’s tool for hunting was a man. So, there is this assured sense of entitlement that has been tapped into. Of course there has been a lot of biochemical-, media-, educational-, etc. influence, but this attempt to use this wave of feminism to achieve authoritarian technocracy is obvious.

Studies show that in-group bias is much higher among women. All things being equal, both men and women show preferential treatment towards women. This assumption of in-group preference is projected onto men, as women are made to believe that men make decisions that advantage men and disadvantage women, while it’s mainly women who do that once in power.

Another example of strange inversion is the claim of “unrealistic expectations” on women. The science on the dating market (see image below) shows that the expectations on men are much more unrealistic. Men tend to have a fairly even and realistic view of women’s attractiveness while only a fraction of men are considered above average by women.

These hugely unrealistic expectations placed on men and delusional sense of self-worth (within the dating scene) and entitlement is one main driver of collective unhappiness and insanity today. One example: Many women on dating apps demand the man is above 6′. Only about 15% of men are above 6′. Add income-, political-, and all the other demands. A bit of collective- and individual self-awareness would be in order.

Also, hypergamy makes low-status men invisible to most women. This explains how feminists can be made to believe “men have all the power” no matter how bad it gets for most men. 

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