Playing With Our Wish For Freedom And Safety

People have a wish for freedom and safety. These are our primary psychological needs. This has been weaponized in the corona coup by promising freedom and safety if people take the injections and accept the passport. 

The real fulfillment of our wish for freedom and safety is laid out on the “O” page on this site.

Remember, remember, Aaron Russo – The Liberty Defender.

Paul Joseph Watson on the great gaslighting regarding the open dystopian conspiracy.

Is this not a giant syringe – the aim of “Event 201” – at “Ground Zero” – the location of “Event 101”?

After 911 the left were anti-war, anti-surveillance anti-tyranny. Since then they have undergone their ‘hope and change’ process. They hoped in vain and changed to fully embrace the tyrannical big corp agenda. 

I drew a building named CETI around 2005. It stood for “Center for Entertainment, Transcendence and Intellect”. I’m pretty sure it would have serve Freedom better. Illustrations coming later!


This is an election poster I had made in 2015. It depicts the end game of the evil plan. On the right – 2001 WTC, with building 7 cover-up, increase in psychiatric pharmaceuticals and increased surveillance. On the left – 2008 debt crisis, with massive, secretive QE bail-outs to the banking system. In the middle, what turned out to be, COVID-19 with coerced injections and digital control. It is also possible that current or future injections could be used in conjunction with information technology to control people’s consciousness. The beggar represents the common man.

All of this has something to do with creating “trauma seals”. That’s pretty much what MK Ultra and similar programs, were about on a more individual level. Take a listen to the first few minutes of this episode of WAR MODE regarding “Seal Team 6”.

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