Corona Plan Moving Forward

As you may have heard, even countries with a very high degree of covid injections are experiencing high rates of new infections. Ireland is such a nation. You can see the statistics on new infections to the left.

Many nations seem to be seeing a hard push towards an Orwellian nightmare of “papers please”, punitive measures, constant fear propaganda and division of the population.

Perhaps Germany, Italy, Austria and Sweden should sit this one out for historical reasons, and let’s not forget that Australia began as prisoners and prison guards.

It has now come out that the efficacy of the injections diminishes within months. Some are saying that a booster would be required every 3-6 months. So, we are now living in a world where so called authorities are trying to coerce people into a system of injections every few months are verification of compliance “or else”*.

It is also true that the safety studies of these injections don’t conclude until 2023, which would make them experimental at this point and therefor these programs are in violation of the Nuremberg code

Some studies are coming already. To the right you can see a Swedish study which indicates that the spike protein may interfere with DNA repair in the cell nucleus. Initially we were told that the spike protein would stay at the injection site, but we now know it spreads through the body, with highest concentrations in the ovaries and bone marrow

*They’ll lock you in your home, make earning an income impossible, perhaps wipe your bank account, etc. etc.

Well, I’d like to suggest a much better way than forced experimental injections to handle this situation…

Natural immunity from getting the virus seems to offer much better immunity. This Israeli study showed that people who got the vaccine the 13x more likely to get infected than people who had previously had the disease.

To the right you can see comparisons of pharmaceuticals and supplements in the treatment of corona in the early stage of infection. The image is from a site that has gathered over 1000 studies. Among the most effective we can see supplements like Nigella Sativa, vitamins D & A, Quercetin, Melatonin, Zinc and Curcumin. These have been tested separately and I dare suggest the efficacy would be much greater in combination and with starting the treatment before infection.

So, what I’m suggesting is we help people get these scientifically proven natural treatment options, and perhaps Ivermectin, etc if doctors are on board. Then we organize so people can get the infection and quarantine safely for the duration of the disease.   

Add to this, a certification of natural immunity to put in one’s passport. It could also be a general certification to protect individual rights from intrusion, oppression and discrimination. The “O” and the “7” on this site might offer guidance on that matter.

To the left is a video by Orson Welles. In it he suggests a similar idea for the protection of the individual against officialdom. Watch the last four minutes, from around 10 minutes, to get his summary for the idea and the reasoning. 

Beyond this, I also suggest ways to gather injection harm testimonies, as the “authorities” refuse to do so or do it poorly. Compare this to the gathering of “covid deaths”, to which any cause of death will do if the person has had the infection in the recent past. 

Here is a prime example from Israel – The Testimonies Project

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