Taking The Red Pill

Some of you may not remember, but the Republicans used to be the blue party and the Democrats used to be the red party. The switch to the current colors had happened by the time the first Matrix movie came out in 1999. So, what would “taking the red pill” mean in this context, with all we’ve learned in the past two decades?


When the constitution was signed it is said a woman asked Ben Franklin “What did you decide on?” and Franklin replied “A republic, if you can keep it”.

So, what is a democracy in the eyes of many within the establishment? I believe this quote from Edward Bernays’ book “Propaganda” describes it perfectly. This is what they mean when they talk about “our democracy is under threat”. It basically means “our hegemony”.

It fits perfectly with the etymology of the word ‘government’, which comes from the latin ‘govern’ – to rule – and ‘mente’ – mind. Basically, a mind control system to rule the people. The “Matrix” is basically a mind construct controlled by academedia, as I call it, or “the cathedral” as Curtis Yarwin calls it. The story of Socrates and (direct!) democratic Athens is interesting in this context.

So, what is democrat academedia construct? We are most well aware of it at this point. It is the Democrats/WEF/CCP/global socialist anti-human, dystopian deception – over-population, philosophical materialism, coerced collectivism, social Darwinism, neo-eugenecism, etc.

It’s basically what we call “Woke”, which is basically the co-opting of the hippy, flower power awakening of the 1960’s. It’s been done on all areas, from care for the environment, to poverty, to freedom. I have called it “the bitterness of the hippies”. 

It’s basically taking the culturo-spiritual revolution, of Rock’n’Roll, Rastas, Punks and Goths, and hyper-focusing it on sex/gender, skin color, sexuality, etc. Add a lot of doom and gloom to get anti-humanist demands of choking development, and whisper within the corridors of power about the idiocy of true democracy, a.k.a. the people (who’s education and media they’ve administered).

A republic, by contrast, can be defined as a form of government where every individual is a state with equal rights over their own life and actions, including privacy and strong equal free speech and natural reach. Democracy, in this context, as a way to decide on common issues, is good. This kind of constitutional democratic republic platform is what this website puts forward.

This is an interview with Aaron Swartz, who was pushed to suicide or suicided during the “hope and change” years, following his attempt to make public science public and analyze murky connections between corporate money and law as well as money and climate “science”. I have great respect for his work and vision for the internet age. 

Liberty is true democracy. It’s the right of every citizen to influence through free expression and action. Elections and representatives are important, but secondary.

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