On Nr. 1: Covered Genitals, Face Masks and Chakras

You know how man covered his genitals after the fall? Well, I tell you, the face mask fad of today is the end of that cycle. I can easily show it to you in the form of the chakras of the body and the corresponding chakras of the face/head. Chakras are simply aspects to the full human – image of the spirit of God.  A full, well balanced, harmonious and strong whole body being makes an optimal human. It’s not mumbo-jumbo. It’s just obvious reality. 

The chakras/aspects of the body:
1. the taint (rootedness)
2. the lower abdomen/bladder/uturus (self-confidence)
3. the solar plexus (charisma)
4. the heart (emotion)
5. the throat and mouth (expression)
6. the brain (intellect)
7. the mind a.k.a. the crown/corona chakra (understanding/overstanding)

Well, the corresponding chakras/aspects of the face/ head are:
1. the chin
2. the mouth
3. the upper lip
4. the nose
5. the ears
6. the eyes
7. the forehead

You can see how these correspond as, for instance, the 5th body chakra – expression – is the ear – for listening/hearing – in the head space. Or, the heart chakra – emotion – corresponds with the nose – think phermones, “smell fear”, etc. the 6th chakra – the brain – corresponds with “I see what you mean”. The 2nd chakra – lower abdomen = self confidence – corresponds with the mouth – “the taste of defeat/victory”. The 3rd chakra – “stiff upper lip”. You see, there’s something (t)here.

The 7’s of these two combine as the “third eye” – the eye of understanding/overstanding. 

Notice that the gay pride flag has the “chakras” upside down and the turquoise and indigo are replaced with the single royal blue. The turquoise stands for the throat chakra, which also refers to the soul in biblical language

It is also interesting, then, that in areas where some injection experiments had been performed saw a huge increase in microcephaly, which is a shrinking of the “crown chakra” (corona).

Looking at the number of birth defects from the first month of 2022 it seems they will exceed former years around seven fold. Microcephaly and other brain deformities by much more. 

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