On Ukraine

We need to know thr truth about what has been happening in Ukraine, especially after the US-oligarch Maidan coup, and we can’t trust Western media outlets to give us that truth. They have been instrumental in selling us every war as long as I can remember; every time with clear deception. 

Iraq 1: Incubator babies
Afghanistan: Taliban is harboring Osama bin Laden
Iraq 2: WMDs
Libya: Viagra soldiers
Syria Gas attacks

As I see it, NATO is wholly unable to act as a peace-keeping organization in eastern Europe (duh), and perhaps a new alliance to balance and buffer between east and west is needed. 

Putin has demanded Luhansk and in the Donbas, as well as Crimea, should become independent mini-states. If it done truly democratically I don’t see why a people wouldn’t have the right to secede from the coup power and all its corruption.

A bit about tricks and backings post Maidan-coup.

Zelensky rejected peace treaty.

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