A Few More Lies (#3)

This is the third part in a series of commonly held deceptions. 

1. Life expectancy: We’ve been led to believe that human life expectancy was something like 30-40 years before big pharma in the 20th century. This is completely fraudulent. This has been done “scientifically” by counting infant deaths. Old humans have always been normal, but infant deaths were much higher before modern medicine. So, even if a hunter-gatherer was often expected to live to 60, 70, 80 or 90 if they survived childhood, if one also counts the infant bones in settlement one can claim life expectancy was around 40. It would be interesting to know the prevalence and common age of chronic diseases (the big money makers) in hunter-gatherers, pre-civilization and early civilizations. 

2. Vegetarian diet: We’ve been led to believe a vegetarian diet is healthy. This has been done by comparing it to the standard american diet (SAD). Truth is most human diets before agriculture were mostly meat based (wild game) with some leaves, fruits, roots, mushrooms, seeds/nuts, etc. This is something completely different than the glyphosate-GMO grains and flowers, plant-oil deep fried crap many people eat with meat today.

3. Ancient cancer: There are a few claims most doctors repeat without evidence. One of them is the assumption that increased rates of cancer is simply due to an ageing population. I’m not saying cancer didn’t exist in the ancient world, because it did, but studies on mummies have shown that it was very rare compared to today.

4. Vaccines and sanitation: I’m not saying vaccines don’t work. Just that they were rolled out for possible other reasons as well. We tend to give them much too much credit in eradicating diseases that were largely wiped out by sanitation and improved food standards already. 

5. Nutrition and health: I remember reading a study years ago that said something like half of students entering med. school believed nutrition had an influence on health. Among those graduating that number had dropped to around 20%. Knowing the massive impact diet and supplements can have one can’t help but see the obvious influence of big pharma profit seeking at work. 

6. If Women Ruled: We’ve all heard the constant claim (in motte and bailey fashion) that men and masculinity is toxic, and if women ruled there would be a peaceful utopia. This is, of course, very untrue, but serves the attempt to push a new managerial (prison guard) ideology through (intersectional) feminism. 

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