Monetary inflation: Occurs when the money supply is increased faster than the economy grows. Visible in the de-alchemic process in the money system; from gold to unrestricted debt. How we measure good growth ought also be revised. I’d be weary of including what I call “satanic cycles”, to which I include aspects of the war on drugs, war on terror, prison industrial business, military industrial business, the food-pharma complex, etc. 

When the amount/size of a product is shrunk while keeping the price the same.

The quality of a product is made poorer. This has happened throughout food production, through poorer soil health, additives, etc. It has also happened in every day items going from glass, metal, wood, hemp to oil-based materials, with their own detremental health effects.

This is done through using cheaper semi-slave labor in the prison industrial system or abroad, where work conditions might be much more inhumane. Might be done covertly by an evermore encroaching, demanding, controlling corporate sphere. This site aims to define and make clear the relationship between people, between state, corporate and citizen, and our environment. 

Animal abuseflation: This has been done through factory farming methods that have compromised quality of life and death for animals. While an live animal is a sentient, feeling being, meat is a product, and one that has also experienced huge qualityflation, and also shrinkflation in the form of adding water to increase size. 

All this is strongly tied to what I call “satanic cycles”. You know, “give your little finger…” kind of business. There is a “they” in a hierarchical power system that gets ever more narrow towards the top. Every nation has its oligarchy. They have built systems with feedback loops of, basically, life force harvesting from the people. It’s what some call a “vampire system”.

It’s built around usury money, which has exactly that dynamic – We need more money as the economy grows, but all new money comes with more debt than new money, so we need new money to pay off that debt, but that again means more debt, and so on and so forth into financial fascism, if uncorrected.

Other plain examples are wars that create more enemies, which in turn means more war. Then we have the food system that slowly makes us sick, at which point we are thrown into a highly controlled sick care system that exclusively accepts synthetic chemicals and surgery. These synthetic chemicals (pharmceuticals/drugs) merely mask symptoms by interfering in disease processes, but also come with side effects that demand other pharmaceuticals. 

All this draining of spirit and soul from society is estimated as “good” by how much GDP grows, but as I’ve shown you a lot of growth in “our economy”, as “they” call it, is cancerous growth, which only benefits oligarchic power. 

Related terms: planned obsolescence, right to repair, right to own

This video explains scams used to calculate inflation (theft, taxation without legislation) in simple ways. How about we just start exposing all the lies we’re aware of in the area/sphere/career we are, and start demanding honesty and transparency throughout the public system? 

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