Big Lies (#1)

What is truth? Since post-modernist activist ideology the view has been pushed that there is no objective truth, or it is a vain pursuit. The view has been spread that we should only focus on a supposed victim-oppressor struggle for power based on demographic distinctions. That is, of course, a sneaky objective truth claim. Truth is that we can fight for power over each other or we can work for truth-based goodness and justice. Rule of thumb – Are critical, perspective-changing facts being left out of the reporting to uphold a narrative other than a truthful full-fact world view?

I will point out a few obvious scams, in academia and media, that everyone of us has experienced. They show a willingness to let people live in lies, at the very least, and even active subversion.

1. The Sex Wage Gap:
I dare to say most of us believed for decades that this unquestionable truth meant that in the workplace at large women and men are paid vastly different dependent on sex. This shows, at the very least, willingness to let people believe an infuriating lie about one’s fellow man and society. The truth is that men and women make very different life choices, have different choices in relationships and . Men usually take longer hours, work outside or far from home, do dangerous work, etc. This explains the earnings gap between the sexes. The fact that the most insanely driven individuals are men also skews the statistics.

2. Domestic Violence:
This area has also been greatly weaponized in the gender-part of the culture war. The truth is that domestic- and relationship violence is remarkably non-gendered. Again, the most extreme individuals are overwhelmingly men, but in general the aggressiveness of men compared to women is 60-40, and the real life statistics bare that out. Of course we humans tend to take women’s woes much more seriously and feel aversion to the natural protector’s and provider’s (men) woes. This intrinsic emotional bias can cloud the view and implementation of “equality”.

3. Genocide of Native Americans:
Enormous numbers of Native Americans perished when the people of the two continents met five centuries ago, but was it the genocide of one people by another? It seems that over 90% died by transmissible disease, to which the Europeans had immunity due to domestication of animals. I’ve heard 90-95% dying from these diseases. Then there has been wars, struggles and other strains as well. The hegemonic view differs completely from the narrative that of a population reaching a certain technological, material and cultural level and many dying from disease when varied populations start to touch base. Global culture had to start somehow, and it did in the middle of messy history.

4. Slavery and the West:
Slavery was the law of the land all over the globe for thousands of years. It’s possible that it was some kind of progress from the situation where a whole foreign tribe would have been wiped out. Slavery in the European colonies was certainly horrendous, but not the defining story of the West. The huge victory is obviously the abolishing of slavery, as incompatible with the universal individual rights at the core of the Western enlightenment.

5. Women, Men and History:
A similar trick, of a demonizing narrative, has been done in the sex-/gender space as well. The Marxist hallmark division, of the problem being PATRIarchy and the solution is FEMINism, is out front. The other hallmark is forcing the historical narrative into this framework. We have been lulled into believing that history and society is men’s abuse of women. That everything traditionally female is oppressive and what is traditionally male is empowering and liberating. Most of history was harsh and dangerous, and I’m hard pressed to name a time where I’d rather be a man than a woman for comfort and safety.

The “war on drugs” has been another route to abuse the scientific stamp of approval for para-political aims. For decades there was a massively skewed perspective and hyper focus potential harms. It was even illegal to publish positive scientific results on cannabis and other “drugs”. Not to mention all the other wars we have been pushed into on fraudulent grounds. Looking at the treatment of many greatly valuable independent new media personalities for minor offenses, compared to old media marketed huge wars – geographical, cultural, social, psychological, spiritual – I’d say the academedia-complex needs a rigorous checking, as we all see how it’s wrecking western- and global stability.

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