A Bit About Flags

This is a bit of ponderings concerning flags – colors and motives. This is probably not official symbolism, but none the less it’s rational.

In Finland we have a white flag with a blue cross. All the Nordic countries have the cross motive. Anyways, around a century ago we had a civil war between the reds – communist collectivists – and the whites – elitist rational liberalish. So, red is then a collectivist populist – the people, the masses – kind of color, and white is a more elitist – fairly liberal understanding among themselves, and hopefully for everyone else as well. The blue cross on the white background, then, is some kind of Christian individualism. It has been switched in the US, red and blue, concerning Republicans and Democrats, but the original cold war and pre cold war colors represented what I laid out.

Let’s use this foundation with the US flag. The official symbolism of the flag is “white and red are for the 13 original states, and the white stars on the blue background are the current states”. If we use this Finnish color logic and interpret the hanging flag as chronological from the bottom up, the symbolism of the US flag could be white and red is for stages of- and side-by-side of the elitist- and populist views and interests. The blue with the white stars, then, would then be an end result of stars* in a more individualistic culture, which matches perfectly with the American global cultural revolution of the past generations. On this specific flag that President Trump is hugging in the picture the golden edge could symbolize the divine inspiration in the inception of the American enterprise.

*What Thomas Jefferson termed “natural aristocracy”

I guess that would mean the upside down US flag, which is used as a signal of distress, symbolizes a situation with the stars are very much under elitist and red control. 

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