Word #1 – “Group”/”Community”

I’d like to shed some light on the commonly used term “group”; closely tied to “class” in modern leftist theory. Many of these so called “groups” are actually demographics. Female, male, black, white, yellow, hetero, gay…

All of these are demographics based on varied intrinsic traits with varied and similar people, minds, views, experiences throughout the so called “groups”. There is no religious, philosophical, ideological credo one signs; which I’d say makes something more of a group. The one group skin color, sex and sexuality are part of is “human beings”, which is also innate traits.

So, they’re all “black gay female human being”, “white straight male human being”, and so on. So, which one of “human” and “being” is foundational? I think “being”. Then comes “human being”, and so other identities are added, some are more innate and some are more chosen conviction.

In that sense, African American, Asian American and Native American could be joined by the term European American. The common denominator being American – the nation of the ideas.

Seems I don’t have to do a series on the woke vocabulary as James Lindsey is working on it. It could be called “The leftist dictionary of dog-whistles and double-speak”. 

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