Nations and Immigration

“that until the philosophy which holds one race superior and another inferior is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned;
that until there are no longer first class and second class citizens of any nation;
that until the color of a man’s skin is of no more significance than the color of his eyes;
that until the basic human rights are equally guaranteed to all without regard to race;
that until that day, the dream of lasting peace and world citizenship and the rule of international morality will remain but a fleeting illusion, to be pursued but never attained.”

– Haile Selassie I

What are a nation state’s responsibilities and consequent rights? A nation state is defined mainly by responsibilities to a citizenry and a geographic area. The government’s role is to protect the citizen’s rights (to life, liberty…) and guarantee progress in larger freedom. A lot of Western governments have failed miserably in these basic tasks as there has been a fervent moral rush to the “multicultural mode”. Actual multi-culture is good progress to some degree in all countries and especially big cities, but moral relativism and dubious motives just create problems and strife.

Here are different motives and agendas concerning the mass-immigration to the West in the past decades. Certainly there is a lot of overlap, and a person can have varied views and perceived interests, but here is, never the less, a list of different motivations for mass-immigration.


– Refuge from war/danger*
– Standard of living
– Help of country of origin and family back home
– Family reunion
– Islamisation
– Adventure

*Should women, homosexuals, atheists, Christians, etc. from the Middle-East get extra asylum points?

Leftist, Globalist, Corporate:

– Anti-Western sentiments
– Global socialist voter base
– Lowered wages
– Divided populace
– New low-debt inhabitants to be bonded for continued credit
– (Often unconscious) misplaced maternal and psycho-sexual desires combined with the war on men and masculinity in the West. The same phenomena can be seen in the presentation of “diverse” couples in media and marketing. Why is it 90% white women with black men? I mean, if there are, let’s say, four racial demographics by skin color and features and two sexes of each, that makes for plenty of combinations. Why almost exclusively that one combination? I could give you a few correct answers, but I just want you to recognize the retardedness of their claims vs actions.


– Sustained population, in the face of the “behavioral sink” bonding- and procreation problem in the West.
– Influx of conservative values, although still overwhelmingly leftist voter base.
– Influx of labor, business and culture.


– Softer, outdrawn and fruitful “clash of civilizations”; not only in the West, but preferably as export of skills (not merely money) to developing countries.
– Dialectic of Christendom and Islam
– Kalergi plan-like racial vision

Btw, have you noticed that those who have supported bombing all those Muslim countries are the same ones demonizing everyone who’s critical of mass immigration from those countries?

Besides means and pressures to improve quality of life around the world, here are a couple of strong suggestions to remedy the situation:

A globally implemented national UBI based on level of market development and a realistic poverty line would have markets tend to people’s needs and wishes in a never-before-seen democratic way. It would also automatically decentivize welfare immigration.

Permanent refugee/immigrant free towns and -cities. The problems from immigration seem to largely arise from poor vetting and poor cultural education, and for the immigrant, uncertainty and frustration on camps or isolated settlements. So, I suggest larger permanent towns and cities for the purpose of securing good living conditions during the handling of one’s case and assure a good education in how to live in a free society.

Why not have a competition for people for the best price-to-value solutions for comfortable permanent living and start creating next level “refugee camps”. The framework for the concept could be to fit buildings in standard size containers, for easy transport and more space as the container can be combined with the building it contains. The container space could be used for a multitude of purposes – mechanics, animal keeping, aqua-/hydroponics, woodworking, etc. Standard size containers could fit anything from tiny houses to communal buildings. These houses should also be equipped for fairly self-sufficient living. Making some features, like doors, standardized so that buildings can be combined might also be a good idea. 

Just as a example calculation: A small container can easily fit a building for one person for around 10 000-20 000 $/€. A more reasonable assumption is that it could house several people. Let’s say 4. So, possibly 5000 $/€ per person to get started. So, a settlement of 100 000 refugees/immigrants would cost 500 million $/€ to get started, and it would boost the tiny/affordable/sustainable house industry. This kind of project could be used for the homeless, not-so-dangerous convicts, etc. In warmer climate a container could contain much larger buildings.

Could China’s “ghost towns” be a solution?

I strongly suggest cozy tiny house getaways, with accompanying semi homestead house, with animals, organic food, home made beer and/or wine, cooking, sauna, pool or lake, etc. I think many people just need a cheap and comfortable nature get-away with all-round quality accomodation. This would be a much needed basic solution to the gap between staying in one’s abusive, abusing, cramped, stressed out, dangerous, unbearable everyday surrounding or going to an extremely expensive high-staffed, micromanaging, bureaucratic, stuffy, clinical officially sanctioned institution of rehabilitation or treatment.

P.S. The picture is of a tiny house and a communal building designed to fit in- and combine with different sizes of shipping containers. The middle picture is an example of combining that specific tiny house door-to-door.

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