EU vs Democracy

The EU has criticized some member states for being undemocratic, especially for shutting down funding for neo-Marxist woke indoctrination (be it trans-ideology, intersectional feminism, etc.), and for not letting in massive numbers of Muslim immigrants and focusing on reproduction of their native people instead.

These few countries that have woken up to the sneaky subversion tactics have experienced the reality of both fascism and communism and have democratically elected governments. Especially Poland and Hungary come to mind. I think they smell the stank that the Western peoples can’t recognize.

I have a few points to make about this:

– The EU is less democratic, in the most obvious sense of the word, than any of the member states. It’s a huge step back for representative democracy and a big step towards technocracy. The people of the EU aren’t even able to vote for representatives that can propose laws. The only body that can propose laws is the commission, which is made up of unelected bureaucratic technocrats. The president of the commission is chosen in the halls of power and is always some never-heard-of aristocrat. I’ve heard it said publicly that ”the future will be technocratic” and that electoral democracy will be put aside as people are too simple to have a say in the complexities of their lives. This is probably some kind of common view behind the scenes, and the structure of the EU shows that it’s supposed to be  big step towards aristocratic technocracy a.k.a. neo-feudalism.

– In 2005 the French voted to reject a proposed EU-constitution. The EU just replaced it with the Lisbon treaty. When Ireland chose to reject that treaty the EU forced them to vote again so they could get the result they wanted.

– Many of the member states have massive behemoth state medias and state education, as to control ”democracy”. This is somewhat understandable as there are many forces that would infiltrate and subvert otherwise. As long as this is the case no nation can become truly democratic. The problem is when these centralized systems get infiltrated with that subversive totalitarian and authoritarian ideology.

– The EU, also, has no common media or culture. The only common thing is the undemocratic political system/establishment, the Eurovision song contest and some sports. By the looks of it, their ”vision” for Europe is some very low-T, intersectional, queer dystopia where everyone virtue signals in mass-media approved areas. I bet it’s good for the environment. My comparison is simple individual liberty. ”Live and let live” – the logical conclusion of the golden rule. This would suffice to ensure human rights and protect all sc. minorities.

Now, one can expect an over-representation of sexual minorities in media and entertainment, but there comes a point when it becomes propaganda. With the bio-chemical component and the demonization of identities like white, man, heterosexual, etc. it becomes one big conversion culture. It’s quite ok to question the cultural assault on the West that’s been put into overdrive the past decade(s).

– The political elites have been egging on bombings all across the Middle-East and northern Africa. Then they play super-empathic when it comes to unmitigated mass-immigration, and demonize anyone who points out the problems. This is basic anarcho-tyranny, ie. when the elites play good guys, but in reality just let bad guys run amock on the common people.

– Many peoples were tricked into the EU in various ways. One thing we all were promised was free movement within the EU. That was one thing the unelected elites abused with mass-immigration, but as it looks now, they’ve betrayed this promise all-together with the injection ID, which was planned all the way back in 2018.

In short – It’s incredibly rich for the EU to lecture anyone on democracy. I think the EU doth protest too much.

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