The “tree of life” at the beginning of the bible (link 1, link 2) plays a central part in the “restoring the garden” at the end of our story (link). And, what’s the drug “the fruit” produces in this world? It’s alcohol. It had a certain effect on pristine, innocent, bare early human consciousness.

The Gospel Of “John” begins:

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

The same was in the beginning with God.
All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.
In him was life; and the life was the light of men.”

The word “Word” in this text is the Greek word “logos“, which means something like “good sense”. It’s where we get the word “logic”. Ancient Greek philosophers pondered the true nature of reality. Someone suggested it was water, as it’s so prevalent and central to life. Someone else suggested it was fire, as something burns only ashes remain. Then someone hit the bullseye, suggesting it was “logos” – reason, logic, sense, etc.

Another place this “word” in the Gospel of John refers to is, of course, the creation story where God creates with his word and later sees that it’s good. So, that Gospel says Jesus was this good sense, truth, in the flesh. Well, let’s take a look at the Genesis account of creation and see if we can find some solid reason in the account.

 ‘A’ is based on Genesis and modern scientific understanding. It promotes the biblical reading that cannabis hemp-herb is the real world ‘tree of life’ mentioned in the beginning (Genesis) and the end (Revelations) of the bible. Further, it promotes the interpretation that the fruit that caused our spiritual fall was alcohol in the form of fermented fruit.

The first time alcohol is explicitly mentioned in that beginning text is after the flood when Noah plants a vineyard and gets drunk (Genesis 9:20-21). So getting drunk is central to this story according to the story itself and anyone can understand it didn’t begin with planting a vineyard and getting drunk. It obviously started with eating alcoholic fruits and berries as with some animals.

This is renowned Egyptologist John Anthony West laying down the pipe on sc ancient “myths”, which are not the easily swept aside woo-woo some claim, nor the simplest superficial reading. They are intricate, complex constructions of the nature of reality, relations of phenomena, as well as a simplified, effective story.

Historical Mechanisms Described in Genesis 1 and 2

By reading merely the first two chapters of the bible and Torah – Genesis 1 and 2 – you can understand how history works better than most well-read and high-titled. In basically two pages the text describes two subsequent stages/processes with a beginning and an end and with ordered stages in between.
Even though the story is told in a simple three and a half millennia-old form, it’s easy to see it’s truth with modern scientific eyes. It’s very straight forward, self-explanatory and chronological (with one logical exception). It describes at least the following historical mechanisms in Genesis 1 and 2.

The first starts with light and culminates in humans. The next one starts with man and ends with woman. The second is described as a stage of us as “noble savages”, which is also a highly influential idea in modern western philosophy.

The first creation contains one of the main “modern” theories of history – the material dialectic (thesis+antithesis=synthesis…) in no uncertain terms. It also says all that is is the expression of a good God with (macro-)teleology a.k.a. fore-meaning.

– The dialectic: Thesis, anti-thesis, synthesis.

This one is extremely influential in the development of rational thought and the process of history. It goes like this: An idea/phenomena (thesis) leads to it’s opposite in some aspect (anti-thesis), and then these two result in some sort of resolution (synthesis), which in turn leads to it’s own anti-thesis, and so on. It’s a basic tool of the Socratic method. It is also in the story of the Buddha’s life: First, sheltered, luxurious and hedonistic life, then seven years of asceticism resulting in the enlightenment state and the “Golden Middle Way” of wise moderation.

Karl Marx and many more use it as a central way to describe historical processes and goals. Hegel put forth the idea of this process leading to perfected freedom. Karl Marx pitted the power elite and working class and hinted at[incomplete]

The perfect synthesis of enlightenment equal God-given natural rights is described in O – Law Of Liberty and illustrated in the red and blue whiteboard image on the About page. Was the enlightenment encouraged by the implementation of state-backed monopoly, fractional reserve fiat, central bank usury money?

 Beginnings and ends of big stages, containing smaller periods/cycles. 

In the Genesis text the original process with a beginning and end starts with light and ends with humans. It consists of six active stages of progress from light to humans, with more passive period in between (nights). The seventh day, then, describes the original historical dialectic process. That is followed by an eight period as the creation is described as happening in two realms – the heavens (space) and earth.

– Macro-teleology.

The six days of Genesis 1 describes macro-teleology as follows: Space is later filled with the sun, moon and stars. The oceans and the sky are later filled with sea creatures and flying creatures. The lush land is later inhabited and enjoyed by land animals culminating in humans. A modern macro-teleological example is the carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere dropping to around 10% of what it was 150 million years ago, and us now adding old plant and animal life to the atmosphere to bring the carbon dioxide level back to more optimal levels for plants, and for animals and humans by proxy. Many people experience teleology in their lives as synchronicity.

– Stages of male focus and stages of female focus.

– Female – Venus culture, approximately ~15 000 to 35 000 years ago. Also, the current collectivist wave is female in nature, with victimhood culture, cry-bullying, cancel culture, semantic tricks over logic, etc. while what culminated in 1930s-40s can be seen as the culmination of toxic masculinity (see 7).
– Male – arguably, known history since agriculture or “civilization” began until blooming out in enlightenment, industrial revolution, rational scientific thinking, universal individual liberty- and integrity rights including more and more groups and demographics til all groups are listened to and represented and awarded respect and space in the public sphere. Originally equal rights movements: Feminism, Racial equality. Sexual minority rights, etc.

– The “noble savage” narrative

This is described with the last line at the beginning stages of humanity in Genesis 2:25 with “The man and woman were naked with each other and felt no shame”. After this comes the spiritual fall by “eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil”, subsequent deepening suffering, psycho-social changes, escalating violence, but also technological and cultural progress, and then the physical “fall” in the form of a flood cataclysm… but before all that we had an original state of innocence, goodness and purity. 

J.J. Rousseau presented this idea in modern thought. Marx also built his view of historical stages on this view. Actually Pol Pot & goons tried to get to this original pure state by killing the intellectually too developed/corrupted.

– Checking and approval by the root – Ethiopia.

This one isn’t in the first two first chapters of Genesis, but is none the less a central way to view our human story. This is true by being the place of origin for our species. It is also a second ancient Israel, (among) the first Christian nation(s), place of proto-enlightenment philosophy (Zera Yacub) before Christian Europe’s enlightenment philosophers (Locke, etc.); proving by the scientific method that enlightenment thinking is the result of long-standing and ingrained Christian culture and thinking. Ethiopia is also the only country in Africa not to be colonized by European nations. It was occupied by fascist Italy for some years during the second world war. Haile Selassie I, of all this lineage, gave a strong nod of approval to the America of JFK, and of course espoused the same racial philosophy as MLK; so called “racial blindness”. Haile Selassie I rising from our common ancestoral original home land and the Rastafari movement arising in the places that were probably latest inhabited by modern man – Jamaica and the Caribbean; it’s obviously some sort of biblical Alpha and Omega centrally playing out on the world stage in the 20th century.

Genesis 1 and 2

Genesis 1

Above is the text of Genesis 1 alongside a scientific equivalent. They depict a first creation from light and darkness to finally culminating in human beings. You can read the text to see I’ve simplified it honestly. It’s around one page, the first, and genesis 2 is the second page.

1. Light and then darkness (heavens/space*)
2. The waters below and above  / atmosphere (earth)
3. Land and land plants (earth)
4. Sun, moon, and stars** (heavens)
5. Sea creatures and sky creatures / dinosaurs (earth)
6. Land animals culminating in humans / mammals (earth)

* We can know this first period depicts the creation of space because – Period 2’s waters below and above are filled by sea creatures and birds on period 5. Period 3’s land is filled by land animals, culminating in humans, on period 6. Therefore what the sun, moon, and stars of period 4 fill were created on period 1 – Space. (Us increasing CO2 through burning fossil fuels can also be seen as this kind of teleological event)

** This is the only exception to chronological storytelling in this text. It is also obvious what is meant by this divergence. While many religions of the time revolved around sun worship this text says the sun, moon and stars only “came into being” once there were plants around to experience them. It says life is of primary importance in the universe (biocentrism). This is the story of life and especially the “image of God”-life. 

Genesis 2

The second creation, of the psyche, starts with these words describing a sort of turning inside out of creation:

“4 This is the account of the heavens and the earth when they were created, when the Lord God made the earth and the heavens.”

You can read the account for yourself in Genesis 2: a more in depth description to come soon. Until then I’ll leave you with this archeological record of the same developments.

Day/Yowm 7

The seventh day is described as follows:

“2 By the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work. 3 Then God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it he rested from all the work of creating that he had done.”

The work is finished and God rests from the work of creating. This would mean nothing new is created on day 7 that encompasses human beginnings and history. So the order was; Day 1 happens in the heaven realm, 2 and 3 in the earth realm, 4 in the heaven realm, 5 and 6 in the earth realm. That means 7 happens in the heaven realm. 

Well, based on knowing that nothing new is created on that day and the previous rows of days fill each other, one can see day 7 as follows. Another way of describing these events is that when a being reaches a certain stage of consciousness in their evolution they go through an experience of spiritual light and darkness to reach the next level. It’s a dialectic, starting with an age of light, followed by an age of darkness, followed by a cataclysm*, followed by an age of individual lights in the darkness; what we call history.

Day/Yowm 8

In similar fashion the teleological progression of events in the spiritual/social/cultural arena will transpire as follows on day 8. The order of events is 2, 3, 5, 6, and after that comes the end and new beginning.

So, this is a spiritual-cultural development after World War 2. The end of Revelation is another. I believe the waters below/fish and waters above/birds correspond with alcohol and herb respectively, but keeping people under the surface is also upheld with pharmaceuticals.

We’re basically living in “The Island of Dr. Moreau”.


While the term “tree of life” can have a spiritual meaning as well it certainly refers to a real plant, as it also did in Egyptian and Persian tradition. The Rastafarians and many others claim that this text describing the restoration of the garden at the end of time refers to Cannabis (short Bob Marley YouTube video).

The Book of Revelations 22:2-3: “On each side of the river stood the tree of life, bearing twelve crops of fruit, yielding its fruit every month. And the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations. No longer will there be any curse.”

“Twelve crops” – The number of tribes in Israel and also the number of Jesus’ disciples, which may refer to an extremely versatile plant – the full package. A plant that yields all necessities.

“Fruit every month” – The moon, the menstrual cycle refers to the female. As all people versed in the good herb know, it is the female plant’s flower that is used for medicinal/recreational purposes. The male plants are often discarded to avoid pollination and the virgin Mary Jane is left to produce thick and sticky buds – a.k.a. sensimilla.

“The healing of the nations” – Cannabis hemp-herb is the only plant capable of healing the nations as it is the central plant for humans materially, medicinally and spiritually.

Also, look into kaneh bosm.

What is less often mentioned in this context is the part the “tree of life” plays in our origin story – Genesis. It is mentioned in Genesis 2:9 as a central plant along with the “tree of the knowledge of good and evil”, that humans are forbidden to eat of in Genesis 2:17 as it will result in our death.

As the “tree of life” refers to Cannabis the Occam’s razor reading is that the “fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil” is alcohol in the form of fermented fruit. These two trees are mentioned as being at the center i.e. central. Cannabis is obviously the central plant for humans; however, what about the fermented fruit? The concept of the world tree was well known throughout the ancient world. This tree, encompassing the whole world, would obviously be at the center as well; fruit on the ground can be seen as it’s fruit. Voila – fallen fruit.

So this text talks about the dramatic effect alcohol had on the pristine, innocent, whole consciousness of early humans, causing a split/separation/fall, birth of the ego, starting with existential horror, fear, shame, blame, suffering, and escalating violence. Also, the beginning of patriarchal social structure is described as part of these psycho-social changes. We went from knowing only good to knowing good AND evil. The corruption increased until the high culture of the time was almost entirely wiped out by a flood.

To pinpoint the time we started using the fermented fruit to get wasted we can look at the events before and after. In short, the Genesis text tells of these events:

The basic story in Genesis 1-9 is roughly as follows:
1. The universe begins and space, the earth and life on earth take shape in six stages culminating in humans. (Physics, chemistry and biology)
2. Another creation takes place in early humans, a turning inside out of the universe, beginning with man and ending with the woman. (Psychology, language)
3. Adam/Eve eat the fruit that makes us know good AND evil. A split/trauma in early human whole/oneness psyche occurs and the effects cascade from horror and shame to blame and suffering to violence.
4. A flood cataclysm finally destroys that high culture. Only a small part survives and preserves the sacred knowledge (animals=language/magic/science. see Genesis 2:19-20). 

So, it starts long before the flood which could correspond to the events at the end of the last ice age. It also begins right after the creation of the woman which corresponds with the Venus culture of about 30 000 – 20 000 years before the present. So, it ought to have started approximately 20 000 – 15 000 years ago to correspond with the end of the last ice age.

Today we are living through a different flood – one of coerced collectivism. See “waters” and “sea” in this bible dictionary. How many have been able to keep their spine, their critical thinking skills and their ability to speak in this tidal wave of herd mentality? Also, see Jesus in Matthew 24:38 comparing the days of Noah to the coming of the son of man. He mentions people were “drinking” although the first time the Genesis text explicitly mentions drink is after the flood.

According to Genesis 3:22, the Gods prevented humans from using the “tree of life” and “live forever” after alcohol caused our spiritual fall. It seems we had to go through the flood (physical fall)  after we had caused our spiritual fall through blackout drunkenness. This time around, at the end of time, the “tree of life” will play the central role in restoring the garden. Legalize and utilize it!