Use these numbers and letters to signal philosophical unity in elections and other public settings. 37, AO, 3A, O7, 3A7 or 3AO7? You can use them individually or wholesale.

What using…

’3’ is in agreement with: ”The climate- and atmosphere discussion should be biocentric, in that carbon dioxide levels should be optimal for plants and by proxy optimal for animal life and humans.”

’A’ is in agreement with: ”According to the scientific reading of the Genesis in the torah/bible early physically modern humans started off with a period of innocense and light, followed by descent into psychosociospiritual darkess following ”eating of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil” and prohibition of the ”tree of life”, escalation of evil continued untill a flood reset in pre-/early history.

As Rastas and others have identified the ”tree of life” at the end of time as hemp/herb, we can deduce ”the fruit” that caused our fall and the fallenness of the world was alcohol in the form of fermented fruit.”

’O’ is in agreement with: ”The universal negative liberty right to self-ownership, bodily autonomy, non-agression principle; to ”live as one chooses as as long as one doesn’t infringe on other’s equal right”. ”My body, my choice” in the actual consistently logical sense.

The universal positive liberty right to guaranteed basic resources – financial and informational. The current usery money system is not neutral. It centralizes wealth and socializes debt. We can fix that by ending poverty through an adequate UBI.”

’7’ is in agreement with: ”We should have complete equality in law regardless of sex/gender, skin color/ethnicity, ability and consensual sexuality among adults. The law should be ”gender neutral” in rights and responsibilities. Sex is of no consequence when it comes to the universal right of liberty.”

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