Who The Hell Does This Guy Think He Is? (under construction)

I’ll lead with the answer and then make my case. I’m the reborn twin brother of Elvis – Jesse Garon Presley. The strongest proof of this case is the work itself, but here are a lot of corroborating evidence.

You can start with this documentary: Elvis & Jesse – The journey of the Twinless Twin:

Part 1 
Part 2 
Part 3
Partt 4 (didn’t find it on YouTube)


This, as I’ve understood it, is a well known mystery among Elvis-fans. These are pages 77 and 78 in an Elvis-issue of the Country Music Magazine that came out in 1980. The all dark page with the name ELVIS and birth- and death date were on page 77 (the year of Elvis’ death). The three cow boy shadows in the desert with the city in the background and the text “Jesse’s Comin'” was on page 78.

– His passing and my birth:

Elvis passed on 16th August 1977
I was born 27th July 1978 (27778)

So, time wise it checks out with a some months in the spirit realm in between.

– Elvis chose to write his middle name Aaron even though it was spelled Aron originally. Of course he knew A stands for ‘Alpha’ as in ‘beginning’, hinting at him knowing he was the beginning of this tag team. I guess his twin brother’s name could be spelled Jesse GarOon in that same spirit.

– Elvis had a dream about his twin brother that made him feel very guilty, uneasy, uncomfortable. I believe this is because we share karma. I was born to bare the karma and unfulfilled mission.

– Video: “I’m standing here with no hair
He probably had some visions he didn’t talk about to anyone. I’m very much bald. So I believe he had some glimpses.

Besides this twin soul thing, I’ve felt a strong Rasta calling and guidance. Bob Marley is like the Morpheus to my Neo. Here are some strangely strong connections to Rastafari:

I have two brothers. I’m the middle brother. Here are actual beginnings of their names with the rest of the letters erased. The end of our surname is also the same as Haile Selassie I’s original name, which was Lij Rastafari Makonnen.

—- Ras— —-nen

Ta– Li— —–nen

– HIM… HIM: Love metal/Dark Light


In Entertainment:
– Hitch hiker’s guide to the galaxy:
Zefod Beeblebrox has this twin soul-thing going on
The computer figuring out the meaning of life: 42 (Elvis’ age of passing)
On some planet they worship “The Almighty Bob”

– Fight Club: 

Also, see: Jesus’ parable of “The Prodigal Son” and saying about “camel through the eye of a needle“.

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