The Dialectic of The Kings

You know how the dialectic goes – “Thesis, then it’s Antithesis, then form their Synthesis”. I think it’s a crude, but effective, formula for the advancement of consciousness.

I’m not into spiritualism, but I heard that from seances in the 1800’s they got the message that a huge reincarnation-wave was going to occur in the 20 th century. This resonated strongly with me. I believe the following are some central characters in this reincarnation for the end of the age.

Haile Selassie I – “The King Of Kings”
– The mark of Christ is coming out victorious to seemingly invincible, massive worldly systems through moral dominance. 

Elvis Presley – “King of Rock”

Bob Marley/Berhane Selassie – “Prophet(/good king) of Reggae”


Michael Jackson – “King of Pop”
– “ONE gLOVE” & Moonwalk

Prince – “The Symbol”, “The Purple One”



Then this…

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