Julian Assange (Journalism) And The Gehenna Gang

This is a work in progress, but I’ll post these two images with well researched connection on the cabal humanity is dealing with. We are talking literal satanic pedophiles hell-bent on permanent world domination. This is how one can understand what they are morally capable of and the lengths they are going to to not be exposed. These are their carrot and stick. 

How satanic pedophiles benefit from their politics:
– Broken families, broken communities
– Institutionalized children (CPS)
– Runaways
– Broken and sexualized youth
– Even face masks, as they allow for covert trafficking (in addition to slight dehumanization of both police and population)  
– … and of course Child Protective Services are instrumental in these programs, as you’d expect

The Epstein/Maxwell case is already somewhat generally known as credible. Pizzagate was more heavily psy-op discredited from the beginning. If you want a credible starting point, consider this, Mark Thomson was instrumental in covering up the Jimmy Savile atrocities while at the BBC. He was at the NYT when Pizzagate broke. He was the first to send a “journalist” to hijack the narrative.

My personal belief on this issue is that it has to do with stealing life energy/innocence in various ways, that may include child sacrifice. It is a way for some to stay positive and perform publicly regardless of morality of action and agenda. It’s the ultimate dark spiritual manifestation of a parallel value system and vision to love, light and liberty. Anyone can see that the politics is pretty rapey and the old mass media is extremely abusive.

Haile Selassie I called the oppressive colonialist regimes “unhappy”. We can see this very clearly with the modern left. They are at war with fun. This post is about how those who run that show steal “fun” by abusing children.

Note: Not everyone mentioned in the connection maps are necessarily guilty, and most people carrying their water have no idea what they’re working for, but the central evil doers are well documented.

Well-researched connection maps

Note: This crime map has stars of David next to names of people with Jewish decent or Israeli citizenship. I don’t know which. As there are quite a lot, the reason may be that the central figures are Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. There might be a Mossad connection too. Who can say.

This doesn’t conjure up any anti-Jewish sentiments in me, at least. I personally live in a nation with a population of only a third of the size of the Jewish people, and I have no insight into national power connections, different factions, history and covert agendas and programs.

Jeffrey Epstein’s eugenics obsession also needs to be investigated as he had connections with Bill Gates, who’s father was president of the American Eugenics Society back in the day. 

Below is Robert Sepehr on the significance of the Phoenician Temple Jeffrey Epstein had on his island – Little St. James.

Ketanji Brown Jackson presided over the case of the actor Edgar Maddison Welch who went into pizzeria Comet Ping-Pong and shot the computers with hard rives. It is fitting considering that she has given extremely lenient sentences in child sex crime cases and doesn’t even know if a child, or other humans, have any natural rights.

This Podesta statement is interesting as the probable leaker – patriot and hero Seth Rich – was shot dead without anything being stolen. 

names in Epstein's black book and people who visited his island

Compare the targeting of Donald Trump to the covering up of all the sexual crimes by elitist circles against children.

Data on symbols and code words used by pedophiles.

A word search on the wikileaked Podesta emails reveal:

‘pizza’ – 149 times
‘hotdog’ – 73
‘cheese’ – 85
‘pasta’ – 78
‘sauce’ – 41
‘icecream’ – 85
‘walnut’ – 47

A Couple Of Examples

If the cabinets at Wayfair are anything to go by, this would be something like 4-6 children.

What kind of people name the ages of children at a party (11, 9, and 7) and say they’ll be “further entertainment… in that pool”? Satanic pedophiles.

Then there's the oddly named, over-priced cabinets of Wayfair

Seems to me they have implemented large scale 6 th generation spiritual warfare on the West, especially since 9/11.

It has been done by destroying countries with warfare and unleashing sexual violence on the “plebs” of the West. Especially the girls and women. We know of extremely disgusting sex slavery gangs in Britain, semi-sanctioned by the state, but the same is probably true for most Western European countries.

Then we have the documented satanic pedophilia of the elitists in the UK and the US. Camp x-ray, nude scanners, covid, Haiti UN sabotage and Clinton Foundation trafficking, Epstein’s pedo island, etc. are all part of this game of power they play upon the public. I call it “Fritzl politics”, and it’s the norm. Abuse of children is how they fuel the politics of abusing the unaware public.

Videos worth watching

This documentary was pulled just before airing in the early 1990’s. It documents the pedophilia ring at Boystown and it’s connection to the George HW Bush White House.

Also, watch Louis C.K. investigate the Roman catholic church. While a billion people organization will have huge numbers of good and decent people, this representation of systemic rot, while comedic, is founded in reality.

Other cases to research:

The Franklin scandal, and the “false memory expert”, who’s now involved in the Ghislane Maxwell trial.
– UN sex crimes
– Hunter Biden’s laptop
– Clinton operative Haiti child trafficking
– “John of God”
– NXIVM (The connections in the larger web haven’t been exposed in documentaries)

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