Half The Story

It seems YHWH had a female half, a wife, called Asherah. That would fit well with Genesis 1, where ”Elohim” made ”humans in their image, man and woman”. 

Here’s a video summary on Asherah.

Another story the Roman catholic church has twisted is the Adam and Eve story. As I understand it that story has been used through the centuries to shame women, but one of the first sins after the fall is Adam not taking responsibility for his actions and blaming Eve instead. So, exactly what the church has been doing.

It also fits with Jesus and Mary Magdalene, who was shamed and slandered through the centuries by the Roman catholic church. While they got hung up on st Paul’s advice for women chatting in the congregation, I think we should look at the obvious centrality of Mary Magdalene in Jesus’ story. She was healed of seven demons. Seven is a number of fullness, which would mean her being healed by the fullness of God’s love.

She was at the cross and the first to see the resurrected Christ. While on the cross Jesus said “Woman, here is your son” to his mother. Then he said to the disciple “Here is your mother”.

She is rightfully called the “apostle to the apostles”. 
She was also forbidden to touch the risen Jesus ”because he had not gone up to the father”. The male disciples were not forbidden. I’d say this points to her being integral to the resurrection process and possible also the Pentecost.

The author of the gospel of John refers to herself/himself as ”the beloved disciple”. Funny enough the name ’Mary’ comes from Egyptian word ’meri’ meaning ’beloved’.

The text of the fourth gospel also differs in style from the synoptic gospels. I’d say there might be a masculine and feminine distinction between the gospels.

A short video on MM and the fourth gospel.
Text on Mary’s authorship of the fourth gospel.

Little known fact: Haile Selassie I and Empress Menen were crowned as co-regants in 1930. That had not been done before in the history of Ethiopia.

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